Thursday, 28 April 2011

More 40th Samples....

Hi Everyone.. Well, only one more day to go until the Royal Wedding.. The TV Channels seem to have gone into melt down. God knows what it's going to be like tomorrow!!Each to his own I say, so we are well and truly getting into the spirit of the occassion here at Pinnacles... Bucks Fizz for us all in the morning... hic!!!
Further to my last post here are a couple more samples of the 40th birthday card I'm trying to decided on..This first one I have to admit is my favourite so far, for the colour combination and the simplicity, although I feel that it is more of an invitation type card than one that your would send.. So it will be resigned to the shop shelves as a sample.. But, here's a step by step none the less...I cut out a few swirl shapes in pearlised Black card stock using a die from the Marianne Creatables set Frame Circle (LR0112).It was whilst taking the previous picture that I noticed that one of the shapes looked like a sophisticated letter "S"and then when it was turned around it looked like a letter "C". As it is Sarah who's birthday it is how appropriate that an "S" should appear.. Co-inkidink? or fate??.. oooohh spooky!!How great would an invitation look with these initials on them. OK, I grant you this find has it's limitations as you would have to know someone with one or both of these initials, but I think it is a great additional use for this shape. I'm a glass is half full kinda guy!! (not half empty for those that do not understand that expression)..So, once I had finished telling everyone that would stand still long enough to listen, I cut a Scalloped Oval in Black pearlised card and a Plain Oval in Teal coloured card stock,layered them together adding the "S" for Sarah to the top layer.For my base card I cut a DL card from A3 card stock, notice the crease on the shortest side.. Added a matt of the Black and Teal card stock and a couple more of the swirls.Adding my topper to the centre. As I said, more invitational than a greetings card, but quite striking if I do say so myself!This next one is again very simple. But knowing that Sarah loves "From me to you" bears, it is also very apt!!
When I saw the new Do Crafts Creativity Magazine (Issue 27) which came in this afternoon this idea sprung in to my head... I decided to use one of the FREE stamps which comes with this magazine for this sample as opposed to one of the other stamps which form part of the range.I stamped the image using London Fog Memento Ink and coloured the body in using Cool Grey #1 (C-1) Copic Pen and the essential Blue Nose using Pale Blue (B23).The image was cut out and embossed using the large die from the same set I used in the project above Circle Frame (LR112)..I then simply threaded some ribbon through all the loops creating quite a good effect I think!You may have been thinking "hey Andy, you stamped, you coloured but no Glossy Accents!!" What's going on!!! Eh voila! As if I would forget that!!!Whilst the image was drying I printed my sentiment onto some Safmat, which is an adhesive film..The sentiment was cut out using a die from the Fleur DE Lis Doily Accents Spellbinders set (S5-042).I was tempted to leave the backing on the Safmatbut peeled it off and applied the sentiment to the inside of a prepared Acetate card... On Acetate the Safmat gives a frosted effect, but when applied to solid card stock it will be clear and you will only see your printed text or image.Finishing the card off by adding the Tatty Teddy image...
So, now I have a choice of 3 cards to give this weekend!! Well, it's actually 4, but I'll show you the last one on Saturday.... I know I'm a little tease.. I've been called worse! No, really I have!!!
I hope you all enjoy the Royal Wedding tomorrow if you are watching it.. Apparently it has a very British theme, so hopefully it will put some pride back into this great nation of ours....
Thanks for checking us out.
See you soon..


  1. Yep, like these two as well, especially the 'me to you' but the Retro is still the one!

    Renee xx

  2. I love the look on both of these,

  3. Love them both Andy.

    Toni :o)

  4. hi andy, i can't wait to see the royal wedding. :P