Friday, 30 August 2013

Hi Folks... On a rare afternoon off recently I managed to catch a techniques programme on C&C. I know, watching crafting on an afternoon off.. Bus Mans Holiday comes to mind!!
But it was a programme with the guys from Splodge Away and I just love what they do with their masks and Inks..
Having always been a fan of inky MESS!!!, (have you seen the state of my fingers?) I was hoping to grab a few ideas!! And boy, they didn't let me down...
So, inspired by one of their projects, I recreated it in my own little way..

Although I haven't had much of a chance to play with my Inks recently, as it's all about the Dies at the moment che Pinnacles. This project has allowed me to amalgamate the two.. I.E, using a Spellbinders Die as a Mask and inking through it to create shadow and tone to the Bauble....
I think I feel a class coming on...
Off the play some more...
Thanks for checking us out.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Hi Folks.. Welcome to the long Bank Holiday Weekend (for some...) And, in keeping with the British Bank Holiday tradition, the weather is pretty grotty today! Still, it's not set to last all weekend! Which is good, cos I've got things to do!!

Just wanted to share with you a few "quickies" I've been working on!

You can tell I've enjoyed making them cos

I've made more than one!

Normally I would have a fave!!!!

And, if pushed, I would say it was the Green one,

but to be honest, on this occasion, they're all pretty spesh!!
Have a great Bank Holiday Weekend folks.
See you soon

Memory Box Die - 98724 Precious Ornaments
Marianne Designs Creatables Die - LR0271 Anja's Vintage Swirl

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Just been....

... having a little play with a few different colour ways using the Tattered Lace Boot..

Red & Black

Silver & Blue

but have to admit, this combo is my (current) fave.. Blue & Silver..
Right, time to play with something else, my other dies are feeling neglected no doubt!!
Thanks for checking us out.

Friday, 16 August 2013

Whilst the cats away....

... Andy will have a little play....
Despite Joanne and Paul being away and enjoying a well deserved rest I've had a little more on my plate than I am used to, or comfortable with!
But, I'm always inspired with new "toys" to play with.. And seeing as they're not here to tell me "I have enough already!" I thought I'd put our new Tattered Lace Dies through their paces...
I know several of my friends who this would be perfect for, both male and female...!
Off to give the dies another battering now..
Enjoy your weekend folks...

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Happy Birthday

Hi Folks.. Today see's the Birthday of a very special person here at Pinnacles... Irene (Reene)..
Many of you will know her when you visit over Club Members Weekend, her help and crafting knowledge is invaluable as is her love and friendship...

So, here is the card I made for her..
I'm sure we can all relate to how difficult it can be to make cards for fellow crafters?! I think we all have the underlying thought that they are metaphorically picking it to bits and wondering "just how" you put the card together..
Well, for this one I used my trusty Pan Pastels and Stampscape stamps. The idea behind it has come from a couple of my favourite films.. If anyone else has seen "What Dreams May Come" with Robin Williams, then you may get the reference to the Red Boat in the water, the other film being "Schindler's List" ... A film shot entirely in Black and White with the only splash of colour being a young girl in a Red Coat. Weird how these things stand out and stick in your mind, but I guess they were designed to do just that!
Happy Birthday Reene, Have a great Day.. xxxx