Friday, 31 August 2012

Here comes Santa Claus....

Hi gang.. Today's project is another one for Saturday's Birthday Demo Day! Can you beleive it's been 9 Years since we opened our doors?.. So, here he is.....
A thouroughly modern looking Santa on a more Vintage Distressed background... See you tomorrow if you are popping in for the demo.. Don't worry if you are unable to come, I'll be posting some more of our samples in the coming weeks. Thanks for checking us out.. Andy..

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Now, I'm not a big fan of....

"Novelty" type cards.. But occassionally I let my inner child take control and just see what it comes up with... In my last couple of posts I have shared with you a few stamping techniques using the Spellbinders 2012 Heirloom Ornament, in, perhaps it's more traditional context.. Today, we have something slightly different, but still using some stamping and inking techniques which I will be sharing on Saturday at our 9th Birthday Stamping and Inking Demo Day...
So, is it a Bauble?
or a Fish?
or a Venetian Mask?
You decide... Oh, and one last thing for today.....
Good Luck Team GB!!!! Thanks for checking us out, see you soon. Andy

Monday, 27 August 2012

Silver Baubles......

Hi everyone.. Here we go with another sample for this Saturday's Demo..
And yes, it's another Baubles one. I really am making the most of this die aren't I!? In my next post I'll be sharing a couple of different uses for it other than a Bauble. So watch this space.... Better still, come and watch our Demo on Saturday... Enjoy the Bank Holiday if you're lucky enough not to be working.. See you soon.. Andy..

Friday, 24 August 2012

Christmas Baubles...

Hi guys, here we go again with another sample for our Stamping and Inking Demo Day on the 1st of September..
This final pic doesn't do the colour of the card justice! As hopefully you'll see as we go through how it was made. But, photography is not my biggest skill!
To start off with, I cut two shapes using the Spellbinders 2012 Heirloom Ornaments (S5-116) die.
As in my previous post, I rubbed my Anti Static bag over the shape
and then stamped my image using VersaMark Ink. Even like this I think it looks pretty nice,
but with the addition of some Mica Powder
and a glaze of Spray and Shine... YUM!! See, I said the final pic of the card didn't do the colour of this card justice!! Whilst this part of the project was drying, I got on with my base card.
I cut out the Cheery Lynn Mega Holly Flourish (B168) die using some 290gsm card stock. My intention was to use it to emboss onto my base card to give the Ornaments something to hang from.
So, to prepare, I took the Base plate from my Grand Calibur Machine,
added my tan mat,
followed by a piece of card stock,
the Holly Flourish
and finishing off the "sandwich" with my Calibur Embossing plate and ran it through my machine. Hopefully you can just make out the embossing?
A little bit of ink should help you see it better!..
To set the Ink and to add a little Christmas Sparkle, I added some of the NEW Crafter's Companion PINK Iridescent Spray and Sparkle.
Before adding the Ornaments (finger prints and all) you really need to let the Spray and Shine dry thoroughly before picking it up!!
To add just a little bit of dimension, I took the Holly Flourish I cut out earlier and applied it to the card,
slightly off setting it against its embossed image to add a little bit of shadow.
And there we go. Another one for the pile... Thanks for checking us out, see you soon. Andy.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Mica Stamping....

Hi guys, sorry it's been a while since my last post. We've all been having our well earned Holiday's here at Pinnacles. So with Joanne and Paul away it's been hard going to get any actual crafting done!. But hey, they are back now so I can get on with what I do best! Making!! So here's a project I have been making for our upcoming 9th Birthday Stamping and Inking Demonstration Day on the 01st September.... Now, you know I love me some boxes,
I was tempted to leave it at that and not bother to show you how it was made. But what's the point of that.... We like to share!!.... So, here we go with how the box was made...
I started off with a piece of satin effect Black card, and rubbed my Anti Static bag over it to remove any static (doh!) and any greasy finger prints.
I then inked up my stamp using VersaMark
and stamped the image onto the Black card.
Next, I applied my Mica Powder to the image and brushed off the excess.
Before sealing the Mica Powder with some Spray and Shine to give a wonderful glazed effect.
I then cut the pieces to size to create my box...
For the card to go inside the box I tried another technique using the Mica Powders.. This really gives the Powders a great additional use and allows you to tie your projects together..
So, taking a piece of the Black card I applied VasraMark Ink directly to it.
I then brushed my Mica Powder over the inked card stock.
I re inked my stamp with VersaMark
and then stamped into the Mica Powder.
As the VersaMark is a "sticky" Ink it will remove some of the Mica which had been applied.. Now, don't let this go to waste... Stamp onto another piece of card stock for another effect.
Seal the Mica with either some cheap generic Hair Spray. Or, as I have done, with some Spray and Shine. Once the Spray and Shine had dried, I cut out my Butterfly images
and applied them to my now prepared card...
And there you go, a matching card and Box for it to go in...
More samples to follow folks! Thanks for checking us out... See you soon. Andy..

Monday, 13 August 2012

Don't be sad....

because it's all over....... We get to do it all again in 2 weeks time!!!!.... Until then.... this should lift your spirits!! See you soon Andy.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Happy Birthday Reene...

Hi guys.. It's a very special "Pinnacles" friends Birthday today... Many of you who are able to visit us here at Barleylands will know her.. And I'm sure, wish her "many happy returns".. I love that saying! Whenever I hear it, it always reminds me of infant’s school, (and that was some years ago now!). Whenever it was someone’s Birthday they would be made to stand in front of the whole school in morning assembly and be sung Happy Birthday too, weather they liked it or not!! Ah the 70's, such innocent times!! Anyway, I digress... It was immensely difficult trying to come up with something for Reene. As, perhaps you know yourself, when you are trying to make a card for a fellow crafter, it can be a bit hit or miss!? But someone once said to me, "A crafter will not only know how the card was created, but also, and perhaps more importantly, why it was created. I.E the thought and love that is put into it!! So, here it is..
And the thought behind it?! Well, the colour I have chosen.. Platinum... Priceless!! A bit like Reene.. Or, as she has been newly nicknamed "Tic Tac"... I'll perhaps tell you the story behind that one day!! Have a great Reene xxxxx See you all soon. Andy.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Look who's One....

Hi everyone... I hope you've had a good week and are being swept along with the Olympic euphoria? Team GB are certainly doing us proud aren't they?! More to come me thinks!!
10 Months ago, this little ball of fluff came in to my life...
And today.. She turns one.....
So, it's Happy Birthday to Holly...
Of course, she had to have a Birthday Card to go along with her Birthday presents; she is part of the Pinnacles family after all... Have a great Sunday folks and see you soon. Andy.