Wednesday, 16 December 2015

All done for this year.....

Hi folks... I seem to have developed a bit of a theme over the last couple of posts!! Bah Humbug!! Really, I do have the full Christmas Spirit!!

and this year’s Christmas Jumper will only go to prove that!!

But, I just couldn't resist these new Hobby Art Stamps when they arrived..
They fulfil a lot of requirements for my last few Christmas Cards for this year.. Humorous, Festive, Quick & easy, even if you aren't a great colourist!!

The images of the Sheep are great! And, as I said require very little work on them to bring them to life, especially as you can forget about colouring the "wool" and use a Glitter Glue instead to add some Christmas sparkle...
The stamp set also comes with a couple of Sentiments

and also some hats which will make them useful throughout the year... Although in hindsight, to make the cutting out of the Santa hat a tad easier, I would have used my Tim Holtz Crazy Things Stamp & Die set..

That said, it didn't take long to get everything done...

I've changed the colours a little bit, just to theme them to friends who have a little penchant for Lilac

and Teal...

Have enjoyed getting back into a little bit of colouring for a change rather than the same old same old Die Cutting..

So much so that I have treated myself to a couple of other sets of Stamps from Hobby Art,

which also allowed me to get away from Christmas for a little bit.. Oooopppss, we're back to that Bah Humbug theme again!!!
Anyway, that's me all done now... Thanks for popping by this year.. I'd like to wish you all a Merry Christmas, and look forward to crafting with you in 2016...
See you soon.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Bah Humbug.....

Hi folks.. Something a little different for today’s post...
I wasn't in a particularly "dark" mood when I was creating this.. It just took itself off in that direction..

It has the feeling of something about it, a bit "Bah Humbug" I think... But I kinda like it and enjoyed making it! Which, to all intense and purposes is what it’s all about right??
To start off with, I cut a circle in a piece of Brown card stock.. Initially a made a few mistakes with this part of the process, but if you don't make the mistakes then you'll never learn eh!!
First mistake was that I embossed the image first and then cut out the circle.. What does this do? You might well ask dear reader!! It flattens the embossing!!
Next mistake was that I cut the circle way to one side of the card; therefore the whole of the embossed image didn't fit on the card!!

Eventually, I got it right'ish!!

Lined up the Embossing Folder

and embossed the image..

Cutting off the excess card to achieve my favoured Square card..
Now for the fun bit!! Gilding Waxes at the ready...

First a little bit of Frosty Mink,

Then a little dabble of Autumn Bronze,

Maybe a little Chic Pumpkin,

and a little dab of Enchanted Gold...

Then a little bit more of each until I was happy with the result...

Once "buffed" the waxes do not need sealing, but I do find giving them a spritz of Spray and Shine

intensifies the colour by separating it from any non waxed areas...

For the centre hole Aperture I planned on using this Tree image which I had cut out in the same Brown card stock and coloured using Vintage Holly Gilding Wax.. It is such a delicate image, in fact I would say more of the card is waste than what's left to create the image... you only have to damage it slightly whilst applying the Gilding wax for it to lose all its structure and strength...

So, to give it some stability, I cut a circle of Acetate, slightly larger than the Aperture

and stuck it to the back,

so that the tree had something to support it,

although it looks like it hasn't!!

For the background, I deliberated, cogitated and digested (not really!!!) many, many different pieces of baking papers and card before seeking advice (thank you Lisa) and settling on this piece of Silk Mirror Card which I embossed...

Love the effect it has given...

Thinking I would be able to finish off the project by Mat and Layering in Gold then realising that there was not a piece of Gold anywhere in the shop as it all sold out at the weekend, I plumped for a piece of Black instead... Decorating the Tree and the Aperture with some Metallic Gems....

As I said earlier, it's got something, not quite sure what though!! Oh well, another sample for the window done!! Next!!!
Thanks for checking us out, see you soon.

Ingredients used;
Gilding Wax - Frosty Mink, Autumn Bronze, Chic Pumpkin, Enchanted Gold, Vintage Holly
Embossing Folder XCU 515211 - Round Guilt Frame
Brown Card
Gold, Black & Red (Silk) Mirror Card
Metallic Effect Gems
Silent Night Collection - Fancy Tree

Friday, 27 November 2015

Yuletide Greetings Wreath..

Hi folks... I know, two posts in a week!! What's going on!! Wouldn't get too use to it though!! But seeing as inspo is with me at the moment I'm just going to ride the wave...
Every year I seem to be drawn to making my personal cards for friends and family using a wreath image of some sort!! I think it must have something to do with the symmetry of the project.. No, I don't come out in hives and cold sweats if I don't make a square card, but not far from it!! If it ain’t a right angle it’s a wrong angle in my book!!
So, since I've had a chance to play with some newbies which have arrived here at Pinnacles, including the Tonic Studios Yuletide Greetings Die (640e) I think I've settled on my design....

Although it is so far from my colour comfort zone that I could meet myself coming back, I love how it has come out!!

Somehow every element seems to work, from the Mat and Layering, the Sentiment, (obviously) the wreath and even the Whopping great big bow, (didn't have any thinner Tartan Ribbon!)

In my last post I also used the Yuletide Die, but only the outer two layers. This time I have used all three.

Again, weaving some Ribbon between the slots created by the middle sized Die...

Incase you are wondering about the Ribbon, No! It’s not a wonderful technique I have used to create the two tone effect..

It’s just a wonderful two tone Ribbon!

I mounted the wreath onto my prepared base card.

Just for a change I have used a Satin finish Mirror card as opposed to the normal shiny one as it was just that little bit softer!! And made for easier photography!!

Cutting out the sentiment from the Yuletide Die set in both Green & Red to compliment the Mat and Layering...

Sticking them together, slightly offsetting the Green as a drop shadow and

positioning it low down in the centre of the wreath

so that when the Ribbon was added it didn't obscure the sentiment at all..

So, I've settled on my design for this year, just gotta churn them out in a few different colour ways now... Watch this space....
Thanks for checking us out.
See you soon.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Merry Christmas, Cream & Gold

Hi folks.. Well, it's taken me a little longer than I had hoped to settle back into my routine after my holiday.. Boy am I missing my afternoon siesta!! But, I'm getting there!!

Today's offering is a little mishmash of a selection of Dies, which I hope you'll agree have worked quite well together to create this little project..
Whilst I was away we received a selection of the November release Sue Wilson Dies, which included the Ornate Octagons Striplet Die (CED1614)..

No big secret as to how this stage of the project was achieved.. I.E just cutting the "innie" part of the Die three times into some Cream coloured card stock and then mat and layering it onto some Gold Mirror card..

For the centre image I took the Tonic Studios Die 640e Yuletide Greetings, taking the two outer Dies and cutting them into a Cream piece of card... The joining of these two outer images lends itself to a bit of ribbon weaving! Well, it did to me anyways....

Adding a Bow to hide where the ribbon weaving started and finished.

Adding my Sentiment (ULT157302) Merry Christmas Script which I had cut out twice, once in Cream and one in Gold card stock,

sticking them together but slightly off setting them with a drop shadow to break up the colours

so the sentiment stood out a bit more.

Lots of Mirri card really doesn't help with the photography, will I ever learn not to use so much!!? Probably not..

Defo a better looking card in the flesh than my mediocre photography skills show..
So, if you're popping along to Club Members Weekend this weekend then it'll be out on show for you to taker a better look..
Thanks for checking us out, see you soon.