Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Let it Bloom....

Hi folks.... more "playtime" today with this Month’s Creative Expressions Design Team goodies.

I've combined a couple of techniques on today’s project. So, if you fancy giving it or something similar a go, here's a step by step.

I started off by embossing the Creative Expressions Damask Mask onto some Black card stock. The reason I prefer to emboss the Mask rather than just Ink or colour through it will be explained shortly.

Next, I coloured in some areas of the card using Chic Pumpkin Gilding Wax,

followed by Chic Moss Gilding Wax,

a touch of Graceful Mustard Gilding Wax

and finishing off with Pearl Moon Gilding Wax.

I love the effect which has been created using these individual colours. They seem to intermingle yet still hold their own!
Before the next stage, if you remember, dust over the whole area with an Anti-Static Bag. We're going to be adding some Mica Powder and using the Anti-Static Bag helps prevent the Mica sticking to areas you don't really want it to...

Place the Mask back over the original embossing image. I said earlier why I prefer to emboss a Mask if I am going to colour, this is because embossing the card stock brings it up to the level of the Mask. So when you add you colour, either by spritzing, Mica, Embossing Powder etc it is less likely to seep under the Mask and therefore hopefully give you a better result!

So, whilst the Mask is in place, Ink through the open areas with Perfect Medium.

Remove the Mask and add your Mica Powder, I have gone with Chic Moss. Highlighting just the "Damask" images has really made them stand out!

You may then wish to seal the Mica with some Hairspray.

For the sentiment panel I covered the whole piece of card stock with Perfect Medium,

dusting the whole area with the Chic Moss Mica Powder.

Next, Ink up your stamp with Perfect Medium and stamp onto the Mica covered card stock..

As much as the Perfect Medium attracts the Mica Powder to the card stock, it also removes it when used on the stamp, revealing the Black card stock underneath..

Again, this will need to be sealed to prevent the Mica Powder rubbing off.

Then's all left to do is prepare your base card

and apply your sentiment!!
Makes for a pretty opulent card don't you think?
Thanks for checking us out.
See you soon.

Ingredients used:
Chic Pumpkin Gilding Wax
Chic Moss Gilding Wax
Graceful Mustard Gilding Wax
Pearl Moon Gilding Wax
Chic Moss Mica Powder
Creative Expressions Mask - Damask
Scribble Rose Elements Stamp Set - CEC712

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

On Your Wedding Day....

Hi folks.
Just a simple project today using some of this Month’s Creative Expressions Design Team goodies...

I'm slowly working my way through some of the new Mica Powder colours and today I have teamed Decadent Teal up with one of the new John Lockwood Stamps "Skeleton Leaves Striplets" and a Stamp from the Baroque Sentiments 2 set by Phill Martin.
Thanks for checking us out.
See you soon.

Decadent Teal Mica Powder
Decadent Teal PVA Glue
UMS612 Skeleton Leaves Striplet Stamp
SYBS2C Baroque Sentiments 2

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

I've gone all Decadent...

Hi folks... A new Month, so that means some new goodies to be played with for the Creative Expressions Design Team! And what goodies they are too!!
We're all going a little bit Chic and a little bit Decadent with a selection of Phill Martin's new products and some lovely Stamps from Jonathan Lockwood...
So, without further ado, here is my project..

Now, I know it may look like I've just taken a couple of pre made patterned pieces of card stock and stuck them all together, but that is far from how this project was made...
So, if you fancy giving it a go, here's a step by step...

I started off by cutting some squares of Black card stock. I cut them slightly bigger than I needed as when dealing with Mica Powder, as we will be, you'll need somewhere to hold the card, so if the edges get smudged they can always be trimmed.. If the centre get's smudged that's a whole other story!!

Anyway, take one of the squares and dust it with an anti-static bag. This will dry any finger prints off of the card and hopefully prevent the Mica Powder sticking anywhere that you may not require it.

Next, ink up your chosen stamp with Perfect Medium or VersaMark

and stamp your image onto the card stock.

Brush your chosen colour of Mica Powder all over the card stock (I have gone with Decadent Grape)

and then brush off the excess.

The piece of card stock will need to be sealed to prevent the Mica Powder from rubbing off. You can either use a cheap generic Hairspray or Crafter's Companion Spray and Shine.
Repeat this process on a second square and pop them to one side to dry.
For the opposing corners of the project you can use the same ingredients as before, but in a different order to achieve a different result.

So, taking one of the remaining blank squares, apply Perfect Medium or VersaMark all over it, smoothing out the Ink with a Brayer.

Apply your chosen Mica Powder to the card to cover it completely.

Ink up your Stamp with your Ink

and stamp into the Mica covered card stock.

As Mica is attracted to moisture, this process will take the Mica away leaving the negative image behind...

Repeat this all over the card

and seal it once you have completed it..

You will need to clean your stamp in between each application to prevent transference of colour onto your Ink pad.

Repeat the application of Ink and Mica again on the last piece of Black card stock so that you end up with two of each technique.

Matt and layer them onto your base card,

adding a sentiment to complete the project...

Am loving the colour way of this project, just ganna have to make time to have a little play with all of the other colours of Mica now!!
Thanks for checking us out.
See you soon.

Ingredients used:
Cosmic Shimmer Decadent Grape Mica Powder
VersMark or Perfect Medium
CEC715 - Fern Frames Elements by Jonathan Lockwood
SYBSC - Baroque Sentiments Collection by Phill Martin
Anti-Static Bag
Spray and Shine

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Another Marmite project....

Hi folks... I've gone "reet" grungy for today's Creative Expressions Design Team project.. And I think, as the title of today’s post suggests, it's another Marmite project, you'll either like it or not..

I'm still taking some convincing! But, as they say, it's all about the journey, not the destination! And I certainly enjoyed the process of making it, if not the finished result...

And considering it started off as just a bit of White and Black card stock the results are pretty cool...

I stated off by embossing a piece of White card stock using the Tapestry (EF-012) Embossing Folder from Creative Expressions.

Placing it in an old box

and selection a range of Spritzing Inks.

The results of spritzing the Inks are always going to vary,

depending on how much of each colour you use..

But carry on until you are relatively happy with the results.. They final colour will still change somewhat as the project dries.

To encourage the project to dry quicker, place it onto a piece of kitchen towel

and place another piece on top.

Take an iron and iron it dry.

As the water from the Spritzing Inks evaporates not only will the project dry but will probably also lighten in colour slightly.

Once dry you can add some colour to highlight the embossing

use what you have

as each different type of Ink will add its own element to the project.

To seal "all" of this "Inkage" you can apply some clear Embossing Powder.

This also adds a nice sheen to the design.
I have in mind to use this project as a book cover at some stage so I wanted to create some sort of binding/hinge effect.

I cut 2 Borders from the Sue Wilson New York Collection Border, Corner & Tags Die Set (CED4102),

coloured them with Graceful Peach Gilding Wax

and applied them to the base card. "Says to me rusty old hinge/spine don't you think?"

I had a couple of Gilded Hearts left over from a previous project,

so rather than let them go to waste I popped them onto the Borders. Not quite sure why, but I do think that it adds to the effect somehow!

I then added a sentiment from the Couture Creations Vintage Rose Garden Paper Collection. I glazed it with Glossy Accents to give it a glazed effect..

This is where I think I should have stopped, but I went ahead and added another sentiment, it's only on foam pads, so it can easily be removed for when I am ready to create my book for this cover to go onto...

So, all in all a fun, if messy project to get your teeth into.. And I kinda like messy!!
Thanks for checking us out.
See you soon.