Thursday, 29 November 2012

Mint Poinsettia....

Hi folks..Still churning out my "special" Crimbo cards... Today's project is again a "play" on the theme I have chosen,
but this time in Mint Green... Considering this project actually started life as a potential Birthday card it's adaptation into a Christmas card is quite effective don't you think?
The detail of the Lattice Die and the Embossing Folder I have used has really brought the Poinsettia to life..
I even got a chance to use a Die I never thought I would use because of its size, but it has fitted in pretty well with this project I think!
Another one for the pile and a few more to come folks! Don't forget, Pinnacle Crafts Club Members Weekend starts tomorrow at 9am.. See you there! Thanks for checking us out, see you soon. Andy.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Advent Calendar....

Hi folks.... Really getting into the Christmas spirit now.. Only 4 days until the tree can go up and that means Christmas can officially start for us in our household!! And with Christmas, comes Advent! Do you still have an Advent Calendar? We all do! And as it's Holly's second Christmas with us she is getting one all to herself!
Yes, I know she's a dog, but she is part of the family!! I've gone for a very austere colour scheme for her Advent, if nothing else, it matches her colouring too! Minus the spots and stripes you understand!!
Now just got to fill each box up with a little treat for her.. Thanks for checking us out. See you soon.. Andy

Saturday, 24 November 2012

White Poinsettia....

Hi gang, I said in my last post that I had finally decided on my "special" cards design! So, today here is another one...
This time in White & Silver... The concept is the same as my previous project, but what a difference a change in colour makes eh!!? Have a great day and thanks for checking us out.. See you soon. Andy..

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Christmas is a coming....

Hi Guys. How are you Christmas preparations going? Yeah, mine too!! But we'll get there... We always do eh!! One thing I am ahead with are my Crimbo cards!! I've done all of my everyday ones, it's now time to get on with the ones for my immediate family and close friends...
I've finally settled on the design I'm going to use this year.. Now it's time to churn them all out.. In as many different colour ways as I have time for.. Watch this space folks....See you soon.. Andy.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Merry & Bright.....

Hi folks... I hope you had a good weekend...? Last Stamping Gear card, for now....
This was actually the First one I made, which got me hooked and lead me onto all of the others I have so far shared with you... So far, this has to be my fave, more than anything it's because it has taken a Non Christmas Stamp image and turned it into a Christmas Card.. Which, if nothing else is great value!! Right, that's that done! Got a busy morning ahead of me teaching a full class of eager crafters a Shaving Foam technique.. Yes, I did say Shaving Foam! I'll share the results in some future posts... Once the lesson's over, it's a quick walk for Holly and then it's off to the Airport to collect my folks who are returning from Canada today!! Thanks for checking us out. See you soon. Andy

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Christmas stamping with a difference....

Hi folks... Cracking on with more Stamping Gear projects today! In may last two posts I have shared with you two examples using the smallest "Circle" Gear. I said at the time Circles are not the only shape that the Stamping Gear can produce...
So today, we have an Oval version... It's a little O.T.T but was sure fun to make..
Again, the principle is exactly the same, this time working in an oval pattern..
The spacing’s created using this shape has allowed me to use not one but two different stamped images creating another amazing effect.... The Gold and Black combo I had used to stamp in was giving me the direction to make this quite an opulent project; it is almost Christmas after all!!
So, I cut out the middle of the stamped frame using an Oval Spellbinders Die.
On a separate piece of card I cut out the Spellbinders Die Basic Lattice (S5-151), notice that it holds within the piece of card as opposed to cutting it out completely. This is so you can expand the patter to make it bigger. This is why they are called "Expendable’s" I guess!! Doh!
This was layered behind the Oval
and mounted onto some Gold Mirror card.
I then added a prepared Christmas Flower Spray,
and a Bow which was fastened with one of the new Dazzlers! Have you seen the colours they come in now.. Yum!! So, there you go! As I said, rather opulent and OTT but sometimes that is just the way it goes... Thanks for checking us out... See you soon.. Andy.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Oh Baubles....!

Hi Gang. Following on from my last post I have another Stamping Gear card for you.
I said in that post that although Inkadinkadoo have specific stamps which are designed to work with the stamping gear I have found several other stamping ranges which also work.
This particular one is from Do Crafts. For me, it looks like that as long as the stamp is deep enough to clear the base of the paddle then you are good to go. Resin, Clear or Polymer Clay Stamps seem to be too shallow though! Although I guess if you mount them onto some EZ Mount, they should work also!...
Different sized stamps will give you a different pattern but the principle is the same as with Inkadinkadoo's own stamps...
This particular stamp from Do Crafts allows you to shadow stamp, creating a wonderful effect...
Once the pattern is made, the world's your Oyster as to what to do with it!! It's not just circles you can create, as you'll find out in my next post. Thanks for checking us out. See you soon. Andy.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Happy Birthday Sis....

Hi Folks.. Today is Joanne's (my Sister) Birthday...
And here is the card I made for her... It was made using my latest toy, the Stamping Gear from Inkadinkadoo... I've had my eye on it since it was launched at CHA back in January and I can't believe that it initially took 8 Months for mine to arrive! But arrive it has and after a brief loan to a very talented crafter (that's you Debbie btw!) I now have my hot little hands on it. And I just can't put it down! I have made several projects already which I will be boring you with over the next few posts! So what is the Stamping Gear? You might well ask!
It is a series of cogged frames
with a range of specific stamps by Inkadinkado! Although I have found some other manufacturer’s stamps will work with It.!
To start off with, place your chosen stamp on the paddle,
where you position it on the paddle will create different patterns, as will the end you choose to stamp from.
You then literally
just keep stamping around the cog!
Depending on the stamped image, you may get the option to offset it slightly,
which I did, and stamped, in a different colour... To create a fantastic effect!
So, once you've made your patterns, the choice is yours as to do what you want to do with it!! Love it!! More samples to come. Thanks for checking us out.. See you soon. Andy.