Tuesday, 26 April 2011

1971, a classic year!!

Hi folks. I hope you all had a good Easter Weekend break? If, like me you were working then, just like buses there will be another long Bank Holiday Weekend along very soon. This weekend in fact, courtesy of the Royal Wedding on Friday and then the May Day Bank Holiday on Monday!!
Along with the wedding I have another celebration this weekend. Many of my friends are turning the BIG 4 Oh! in the coming Months, myself included!! And this weekend sees by best mate's Sisters' (tenuous link I know) 40th Birthday Bash...
I've had lots of ideas as to what I want to do for her card but I'm not sure whether to make it serious or comical. So over the next couple of post's I'll be sharing with you some of my ideas. And hopefully by the end of the week I will have made a decision!!
So here's the first one. A bit of 1970's retro!I started off by cutting out my silhouette image in Black Mirror card at 5" from the Forever Young Cricut Cartridge. I also cut the Trouser Suit at 5", remember the machine will size the other elements to the largest image. It's that clever!!!I then layered the two images together.Next I cut a plain circle and a scalloped circle using the Spellbinders Grand dies through the Grand Calibur machineand layered them together adding letters which I had cut at 1" using the Plantin Schoolbook Cricut cartridge...For the base of the card I decided to make another twisted easel.
I found some brightly coloured card stock, ok not totally 70's but it's on its way!!I scored it in half and cut it to make a 5 3/4" square, then scored the front of the card from corner to cornerand folded it to form the twist!I then cut two triangles from a separate sheet of cardusing one to form the stopper for the easeland using the other one to cover one of the White side panels.I then added my image to see how the whole this was coming along.For my sentiment I printed the words in a 70's style font from my PC, matting and layering it using a plain circle and scalloped circle Nestabilitie and applied it to the card."Yeah Baby"! Sorry, couldn't resist!!!I made sure that the card would lay down flat and go into and envelope before finishing off the card. I've been caught out like that before!! Oh you have too!!!So, just to finish it off I added some pre made Prima Flowersto give the project a bit more of a 70's flourish...I hope if I decide to give this one to her that she gets the concept of the card, after all, 1971 was a classic year! It was the year I was born! And aren't we all grateful for that!? Answers on a post card... nah, forget it!
Thanks for checking us out and see you soon..


  1. Clever card! Can't wait to see what else you come up with!

  2. Really nice card fold. That jumpsuit on the image is great!

  3. 1971...
    Disney opens in Florida, House of Commons votes to join the EEC, Rolls Royce goes bankrupt and gets Nationalised. Quite a variety of films including Dirty Harry, Clockwork Orange, The French Connection, Le Mans and The Million Dollar Duck. Musicwise, Your Song, Imagine, My Sweet Lord, Brown Sugar, Love Story, Ain't no sunshine...and not forgetting Clive Dunn's "Granddad"...Oh and Apollo 14 landed on the moon LOL - yep quite a lot happened in 1971.

    But back to the card - fun & funky Andy. It really does have a retro feel to it.

    Toni :o)

  4. You make the most beautiful cards. Love it!

  5. Having been in my mid 20s in this particular year I feel this card so fits the bill for the year @ndy .... and don't tell anyone but I had a jump suit like this one .... yep, really!! Hard to imagine ... no don't go there.... really enjoyed this card and it looks even better in the flesh, don't care what else you make... this should be THE one....

    Renee x