Tuesday, 30 April 2013

One for the Boy's...

Hi everyone... I hope you all had a good weekend? I know I did! It was great to see so many eager and enthusiastic "Pan's Fan's" at our Demo on Saturday!! I hope you enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed putting it on for you..?? Just sorting out a date for our next one..So, watch this space...
As I'm all "panned" out for the moment, a little bit of a change for today's project..
I know Father's Day isn't for several weeks yet, but I was asked on Saturday to do some more masculine projects as I think we all struggle with ideas for the guys!! So I thought I'd get ahead of the game with today's offering!! It's "very simple" in its make up, but don't you find that that can be the most effective sometimes??
On a completely different subject..

National Scrapbooking Day is Saturday 04th May 2013. To celebrate and also to make some much needed room for some faberoonie new paper lines, here at Pinnacles we are having a 40% Sale on all of our A4, 12"x12", 8"x8" & 6"x6" Single Sheets and Stacks of Paper & Card.. (Excludes papers in the current Do Crafts May/June 2013 Promotion and already RTC Products).
Pinnacle Crafts Club Members are able to add their standard discount onto these items, making them HALF PRICE!!! A great time to stock up me thinks.... The SALE starts on Saturday 04th thru Sunday 05th and continues Bank Holiday Monday 06th May 2013 (YES, we are open BH Monday!)...
That's all for now folks!! Thanks for checking us out. See you soon. Andy.

Spellbinders Dies:
S5-164 Grateful Lattice
S6-004 5x7 Detailed Scallops

Memento Ink:
Nautical Blue

Images from FREE set of Stamps with current issue of Creative Stamping Magazine..

Friday, 26 April 2013

Do Crafts promo May/June 2013

I know, I know... 2 posts in one day!! But just wanted to let you know that the new Do Crafts Promotion for May/June 2013 has just arrived.. Where to begin?? See you soon. Andy.

And now, for something a little different...

Hi Folks.. As much as I have enjoyed playing with the Pan Pastels with my StampScape stamps, I fancied a little change for this project... And boy, am I pleased with the result... And to be honest, not that difficult to achieve... I'll be sharing this one with you at the Pan's Demo Tomorrow....
Oh, and his little Cheetah friend.. Have a great Friday all. Thanks for checking us out, see you soon. Andy.

Memento: Tuxedo Black
Pan Pastels: 280.3 Orange Shade, 250.8 Dairylide Yellow Tint, 220.5 Hansa Yellow, 740.3 Burnt Sienna Shade, 436.8 Magenta Tint
Spellbinder Die: Floral Trim (S2-005)

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

and, I'm back....

Hi folks.. Well, it's been a while since my last post!! Truth is, I took myself off on a last minute, unplanned little break to the Canary Islands... and didn't have time before I flew off to schedule any posts!! But I'm back now and its heads down making samples for our Pan Pastels Demo Day on Saturday... It's come round quickly hasn't it!?
Today's project I sort of had half finished before I went! Well, I had done the Pan Pastelling and Stamping!
It never ceases to amaze me how much happens in Pinnacles in a week.. Being away for only a short few days and I come back to boxes and boxes of new goodies that, initially I need to find space for on our shelves, with the odd few (more than the odd few if truth be told) finding their way onto my desk for me to "play" with!! So, with inspiration from a new Embossing Folder I was able to finish this little project off... It's kinda quirky in style for me, but it has the look and feel off brickwork or maybe a window, and with the House image in the middle I think it would make a pretty neat New Home or Moving House card?? Anyway, there's lots of "technique" involved in the Pan Pastelling and Stamping part of this project which I will be sharing with those who are able to pop along on Saturday... All I can say is "bring a pen and lots of paper" for taking notes...
Thanks for checking us out and see you soon..

Memento: Tuxedo Black
Pan Pastels: 280.3 Orange Shade, 680.3 Bright Yellow Green Shade
Stamps: StampScapes, 147F Lakside Cabin (Nature Set #6)
Die: Spellbinders A2 Filigree (S5-177)
Embossing: 6"x6" Lattice EF6-LATT

Monday, 15 April 2013

Pretty in Pink'ish!!!

Hi Guys... A little play on a project I shared with you a few posts back...
This one, a little busier and bolder in colour. But all the same, no less effective.... It's also made good use of quite a small Stamp to build up the scene..
"Still feeling the love for my Stampscape stamps"......
Thanks for checking us out.. See you soon. Andy.

Pan Pastels:
740.3 Burnt Sienna Shade
340.1 Permanent Red Extra Dark
Memento: Rhubard Stalk
Stamps: Stampscape - 019G Cumulus Clouds Large, Small Tree Scape (Nature Set #1)

Friday, 12 April 2013

Marmite.. Love it or not!!!

Hi Folks.. Strange title to today's post I grant you. But I think that today’s project is just like that!
It's none to descript in it's make up and I think that's because it's "all about the technique" of getting the effects with the Pan Pastels and Stamps.. I guess what I'm really trying to say is that it's one that you need to see in the flesh as the picture doesn't really do it justice.. So, next time you're in the shop, have a gander...
Oh, and BTW.. Marmite... I'm a fan!! Thanks for checking us out. See you soon. Andy.

Pan Pastels:
470.8 Violet Tint
430.8 Magenta Tint
470.5 Violet
520.1 Ultra Blue Exte Dark
800.5 Black
Memento: Tuxedo Black
Stamps: StampScapes - 19F Pine (Nature Set #6) Fir & Double Pine (Nature Set #1)

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Clean and Simple....

Hi Folks. A nice clean and simple one for you today.. Back in February when we had our first lessons using the Pan's, I ended up with a (BIG) pile of semi completed samples.. So, now I'm trying to make them into actual projects!!
This one uses the original "Lakeside Cove" set of stamps I had to play with, although for those who have seen my desk recently know that I now have a lot more sets to keep me occupied!!
I have teamed it up with the Spellbinders D-Lite Die, Flourish Trim (S2-005). Although it is one of Spellbinders smaller dies, joining it together has made it suitable for using on a much bigger project. The card is actually an 8" x 8" matt!!
There we go, another "par example" for the 27th's Pan's Demo.
Thanks for checking us out, see you soon.

Monday, 8 April 2013

A little bit of Vintage...

Hi folks.. Still totes obsessed with my Pan Pastels. But this time I've teamed them up with an IndigoBlu Stamp instead of my normal StampScapes! Don't fret, they'll be back making an appearance very soon...
This particular stamped image isn't one I'd initially go for, just because it's not really my style! Do I have a style?? I guess I do! That said, I thought she would go particularly well with the vintage style of the Spellbinders Elegant Labels Four.. Teamed with a selection of vintage toned Pans, I think this one hit's the vintage nail right on the head?? Thanks for checking us out, see you soon. Andy.

Stamp: IndigoBlu - Elizabeth Bennet (ELIZ)
Pan Pastels: 280.3 Orange Shade, 220.5 Hansa Yellow, 340.1 Permanent Red Ex Dark
Memento Ink - Toffee Crunch
Dies: Spellbinders Elegant Labels Four (S6-005), Spellbinders Grand Labels Four (LF190), Craftables CR1244 Swirls & Leaves 2, Craftables Swirls & Leaves 3, Crafts Too A4 Embossing Folder CTA401,

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Orange Mountain Scape....

Morning Folks... Decided to challenge myself a bit with this project and use colours that I would not normally go for!! I.E in this case, Orange.. And the result!! Well, I'll let you be the judge of that, but I'm pretty happy with it... The Mountains in the background tone in quite well with the trees in the fore, even though they were stamped in the same colour! but a different tint! Right, off to play some more. Thanks for checking us out. Andy.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Monochromatic Church...

Hi folks... Another Pan Pastel/Stampscape project to share with you today.. Just love this image! I think it has so many uses from Wedding to Christmas and a few other occasions in between!! Although one lady who saw it yesterday did say she thought it looked a bit creepy (in a good way!) so I guess you could use it for Halloween too.. The image may look a little bit "grainy"? that's because I have set the Pan's with Glitter Spray, just to add a little bit of sparkle! Which, unfortunately doesn’t show up too well on camera.. Oh well, I guess you'll just have to pop in and see it in the flesh to get the effect. Thanks for checking us out. See you soon. Andy.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Oh the Blue Ridged Moutains.....

Hi everyone. Hope the first day of the working week (for most of you!) wasn't too stressful!? Its Pan Pastel's all the way for the foreseeable future as I prepare for our FREE Demo Day on the 27th of April! This one I had partially completed on my desk over the weekend and finally had a chance to finish it off today! Love how the scene (stamping) has developed, but not too convinced about the matt and layering! But it'll do for now.. More to come shortly. I can't seem to put the things down at the moment!!! Thanks for checking us out, see you soon.. Andy.