Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Like Marmite! You'll either love it or hate it!!

Hey Blogland.. Now, I know some of you are going to start shouting at me and some of you are going to enjoy today's post!! Today I'm sharing my first project of the year featuring the dreaded C word!! No, not that one, nor that one either!!! But Christmas!!! (covers ears!!)And yes, we are in summer here, but you know you've got to start some time! So maybe it will fool your subconscious into cooling down a bit!!So, here we go with our first Crimbo step by step!!
I started off by embossing a piece of White card stock using the Petal Embossing Folder from the new Black & Gold Forever Friends range..To me these little petals look a little like Snow Drops.. Not that I am much of an aficionado when it comes to plants!! I felt they needed a little bit of something to really make them pop off of the card. Initially I thought of adding gem stones to each set of petals! However there are 78 of them! (Thumbs up if you are now counting them!!) So that would have worked out too expensive. So I took some Pearlised Glue and added a dot to each set of Petals...Great effect huh!!Whilst the Glue was drying I took a piece of White card stock measuring 6 3/4" x 5" and punched around it using the Martha Stewart Vintage Floral M40-60043 Punch Around the Page set.. This set of Punches is also known as Deco Flowers..The space created in the middle of the punched area was just perfect to sit my embossed petals into.I had already prepped some die cut Decoupage, so this was added on top of the framed embossing.. It's all coming together now!!!I prepared my Easel card using some pre embossed dot White card stock,adding a second Decoupage image for my easel Stopperand then adding the framed images to one side of the cardand my sentiment to the other side of the card!!And there you go, one Crimbo card down, several more to go!...This card and many more will be on show at our Christmas in July Event on 09th & 10th July... So you can come and see it in the flesh if you are in town!!
Thanks for checking us out..
See you soon for some more inspo...


  1. Wow...Stunning. What a beautiful card and no, I'm not going to shout at you cos I've been make 'C' cards too LOL

    Lovely start to the run-up to Christmas in July Andy.

    Toni :o)

  2. I absolutely love this. It's gorgeous!

  3. Beautiful card, love how you did the embossing and then the glue dots it is very effective.
    Kim xXx

  4. Well I LOVE it! I'm not afraid of the C word, I've already made a few cards myself. I promised myself i wouldnt leave it to thew last minute like I always do and end up with mad card making sessions in late Nov/early Dec!

    Thank you for another great idea
    Karen xxx

  5. This is so nice Andy ... another idea for my Christmas cards this year. Thanks loads for sharing this one, a really special card. What's next then!!!! ?

    Renee x

  6. Hi Andy
    This card is fabulous.
    Lovely clean lines yet so full of texture.
    One to aspire to.
    Cally x