Friday, 24 July 2009

Svensken är kommer

Hej allihopa,
Svensken är kommer, Roughly translated means The Swede's are coming...
The start of the school holiday's always prove busy at Pinnacle Crafts.. Although some of our regulars venture off on their summer holiday's, their spaces on our lessons are always filled by new faces and returning faces who now find they have the time to come and join us for a little R&R and a bit of crafting..
After a hectic week of teaching over 70 crafters in both Card Making and Scrapbooking, Today, Friday, is the last lesson of the week.. and an extra special one because we have a visitor.. She has flown all the way from Sweden to come and see us.. Now, I know our lessons are good, but all the way from Sweden!!!
It is in fact a lovely lady call Kristina. Her husband was seconded to work for Ford in the UK about 3 Years ago and she came with him. She caught the craft bug whilst she was here and has never looked back.. Although she went back to Sweden about 18 Months ago she has stayed in touch with us and at last she is venturing back into the Pinnacle Crafts fold for an all too brief visit... and what a time to come. She is also a Pinnacle Crafts Club Member, and what is this weekend?? That's right Pinnacle Crafts Club Members 30% Discount Weekend.. What a time to come.. coincidence?? and I thought she came to see us!! You know you can only take one small piece of hand luggage back with you don't you Kristina...!!
Today is going to be a fun fun day!!!..
Take time to remember your friends who are not around you today and they will remember you too. Bonjour to Lin in France x and Lyn (Wed) who has not been well.. X
Rene, you are already here.. but Hi anyway x.. and as I said at the beginning of my post Hej allihopa which means Hello Everyone..
Thanks for checking us out

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  1. Just wish I could be with you all today, instead of lazing on the Riviera, have to catch you next time Kristina, so sorry I missed you, hope you all have a busy fun day, as per normal!!! French Lin