Tuesday, 14 July 2009

It does what it says on the tin!!!

After a well earned day off, well half a half a day.. Back to it today.. Two Cricut demo's and Two Scrapbooking lessons and still found time to play..
As I said, I actually took half a day off yesterday. A busy Saturday and Sunday in the shop finally took it's toll, on top of a 100 hour week.. I popped over to Ikea to get some bit's and bob's and came across this tin..

Like a magnet I was drawn to it.. Thinking how great it would look if it was Alcohol inked.. So in the trolley it went along with lot's of other random purchases that gave me so much great inspo. Infact there was no room left in the trolley for my intended purchase, a new craft desk!! However, it would have been more of a problem getting it into my car than I had anticipated... Oh well will have to make another visit, this time with the van....

I used Wild Plum, Red Pepper and Meadow and randomly applied them all over the lid and base of the tin. Initially I applied the Mixing Solution, but this just wiped the Alcohol ink off.. So not a good idea...

I cut out some letters on the Cricut using Plantin Schoolbook font.. (my favourite font) at the moment anyway.. and inked them up using Pesto and Cranberry Alcohol ink and stuck them on with a Glue pen.. I gave them a coat of PVA glue which sealed them to the tin...

Now my Inks store away all in one place. Which one to play with next!!!.. I know the Great Mr Tim Holtz has his own tins for the inks, but this was such a great bargain from Ikea I couldn't resist.

Thanks for checking us out..

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  1. I see you don't have a lot of inks then Andy (hehe) - very nice tin. Always love a bargain and if it can be crafted in some way...even better.

    Toni :o)