Friday, 23 July 2010


Hi Everyone. Today I wanted to share with you something a little bit different.
Hopefully most of you will know that here at Pinnacle Crafts we try to offer you an eclectic range of techniques to use in your crafting projects. You will find everything from Cuttlebug to Cricut, from Card Making to Scrapbooking, from Peel Offs to Shaving Foam.., OK, we don't actually sell Shaving Foam but we have shown you how to use it.Well today's offering is one of Joanne's, dare I say it!! Yes I dare! "MASTERPIECES" using Parchment...
Joanne is our qualified Pergamano and Parchcraft Australia (PCA) tutor. She also happens to be my (older) Sister, and when you have someone with as much artistic talent to look up to, it's bound to rub off somewhere.. That's me looking up to her that is, not t'other way around... yeah, yeah I can make a Cricut work,but this!!! mmm I think not..
The detail in all of her Parchment work is beyond words...Check out the Butterfly on the front of the shoe, all hand drawn and is the detail on the side of the shoe...Now most people would struggle with making a bow out of ribbon!, but Parchment!! Awesome!
Joanne has another one of her all day workshops tomorrow, and it's testament to her amazing work that it is another sell out!! Enjoy ladies...
Thanks for checking us out.
See you soon.


  1. Wow!!! That really is AWESOME!!! Great job

  2. Yes, Jo is my parchment hero..... truly. I did attend the workshop for the shoe and I managed to trace all components,do the grid work, and a little of the embossing .... a few more hours work to go for me tho' ....might have been because I spent a lot of time laughing and talking ... but hey that's how Pinnacle classes are, fun and craft rolled into one. But a huge thank you to Joanne for being such a patient and talented teacher.

    Renee xx

  3. Lost for words...Stunning!!!

    New layout Andy? Like the crumpled paper but can't quite see what is at the edges...

    Toni :o)

  4. this is beautiful. Will there be a tutorial on this work of art on your blog?