Monday, 19 July 2010

Christmas in July!!

Hi Blogland. As every crafter knows, if you make your own Christmas cards, it's best to start early!! How many times have you found yourselves rushing all of your cards at the last minute in November and thinking, next year I'm going to make at least one a week... mmmm Me too!..So, here at Pinnacles we have just had our annual early start to Christmasto inspire those who wish to get going...
We converted our workroom into a winter wonderland of crafting goodies, lots of stamps, punches, papers, peel offs, decoupage and all sorts of stash were available..As well as lotsand lots andlots of ideas and inspo to get the creative juices flowing,which also meant plenty of opportunities to take pictures too. We know only too well that you get an idea, and as soon as you leave the shop it goes completely out of your head, so we actively encourage you to take pictures of our samples.. We take it as a compliment!
And of course we could not have held this event alone! Our heartfelf thanks (yet again!!) go out to Lin, Lyn & Irene whos help, crafting knowledge, love & friendship make all that we do here at Pinnacles just that bit easier for us all. Thanks Team Pinnacle.. xxxx So today, I wanted to share a couple of our samples from the event with you.
In recent posts you will have noticed that I have been a little bit obsessed with the step card.. Well, today's project is no different!!!lol...
If you want the instructions on how to make the template in both metric & imperial (:o)for Toni) then take a look here..
Now, you know I'm a big user of plain mirror card on my projects! Today's projects incorporate patterned mirror card too...
So here goes...I scored and cut the basic template shape using Light Pink mirror card, I then cut panels from some complementary patterned mirror card to be placed over the panels of the base card which were going to be seen..I cut out two shapes from Nestabilities Labels Twelve, one in Pink Mirror card and one in plain Pink card stock.And stamped my sentiment using Victorian Velvet Distress Ink,mounted the two images togetherand then mounted them onto my project.I punched a flower from Light Green Mirror card and one from Light Pink using the Martha Stewart Large Pop Up Water Lily Punch and also a flower in Pink Mirror card using the Medium Martha Stewart Water Lily Punchand layered them all together adding some Pink Gems in the centre.These were added to the card to complete the project...See, very simple, but also very effective! The card that is, not me!!
So, one in Pink for the Girls,Here's one in Blue for the Boy's!!
Exactly the same process,but this time I used a Punch from the Martha Stewart Stamp and Punch Set called Polar Snowflake..Well I hope today's post has given you some ideas or at least the get up and go to go through your crafting stash and get crafting for Christmas... It is only 159 days to go you know!!!...
Thanks for checking us out..
See you soon


  1. Hi Andy.....the stepper card is one of my fave's at the moment, so much can be achieved with them, they are truly versatile. Your cards are fabulous as always, you know how to cater for everybodys needs! Having been a helper elf (thanks for that term Irene)at this event, I have to say a big thankyou for all the fun and laughter we had, and the lovely people we met, as always. Just the tonic, we all needed! with love French Lin..xx..

  2. Hiya Blossoms, Just to re-iterate all French Lin has said and to thank YOU ALL for allowing me to come and play with your stuff and meet all those lovely crafters.

    Oh! by the way Lin, thought Elf was better than Gnome ...... much more refined dontcha think!!!

    You've had some really brilliant inspo on the blog again lately Andy ... keep it coming because now I'm a member of the 'old ladies' club I don't remember things too well!!!!!!!

    Seet'all Thursday, luv'n'hugs Renee xx

  3. Our first Christmas party is August 1. My husband's extended family (aunts, uncles, cousins) decided December is too busy, so we have our Christmas party in the summer! Too bad I'm in the States, your party would have been a fun place to be.

  4. I would like to echo the thanks to the Pinnacle Elves who are always so friendly and helpful.

    Another fab Christmas in July and lots of wonderful ideas to go away and mull over - super display of card samples.

    Love these two additions to the side-stepper collection - Andy, I would willingly use CMs but unfortunately dear Martha only accommodates inches...LOL

    Toni :o)

  5. .............and before you say it Andy........I'm so not doing the green tights and the pointy hat thing, next year.....oooh no! but Irene might just be persuaded!......hugs.....French Lin ...xx..

  6. Leave it out Lin, you must be joking ... don't encourage Andy one little bit ... and I certainly don't have pointy ears... and errrm rosy cheeks ... hmmm maybe sometimes, but we won't go there. AND ... no Andy, I'm not being Mrs. Santa either, I don't care if I do have the right colour hair!!!!

    Renee xxx