Thursday, 8 July 2010

Summer Time...

and the living is easy!! as the song goes... And with the gorgeous weather we have had for the last 3 weeks here in the south east of the UK who can argue? OK, the last couple of day's have not been wall to wall sunshine, but it's returning as I speak (type!)..
I don't know about you but your crafting takes on a whole new direction when the weather turns nice... More summer colours are being used, well most of the time! I have also been churning out my Christmas samples for later this month, so it has not all been pinks and yellows, more like red, gold and green!!... Anyhoo, back to summer..
Summer generally means more time to spend outside and of course Weddings!Here's a sample I have made using the Summer Bloom range of products from Do Crafts.
In my last post I shared with you a different type of fold, and as I said, once you get the measurements right you'll be making a batch of these great cards. And rightly so, Toni commented that I started giving measurements in both CM's & Inches but only continued with the CM's.. Now, for all of you who were brought up with inches, here are the measurements...Take an A4 piece of card stock and cut it to 28cm (11inch) in length. Then make a score line across the centre (length ways) 10.5cm(4.25"), basically dividing the piece of card in two. Then score a line at 3cm(1.25"), 6cm(2.5"), 10cm(4") & 21cm(8.25") to the score line across the card. Also score a line at 14cm(5.5") but this time score from the top of the card, through the centre score line to the bottom of the card stock.
Then make a cut with a craft knife form the 3cm line to the 21cm line.Cut pieces of patterned paper to fit the sections of the card which are going to be seen. You'll notice the panel on the right hand side of your screen has a piece of paper cut into two pieces... MMMMMMMM, I'd like to say that I planned to use this as an accent to this project, but if I'm truthful then I cut the paper the wrong size!!!Thank the lord for Ribbon!!!Once you have added you papers then you can fold the card into shape.I assembled some die cut decoupage from the Summer Bloom rangeand applied it to the largest panel of the card.I cut a tag from the "Fancy Tags" dies from Spellbinders. Place the die face down onto your card stock. I used the Cuttlebug to cut out the dies so you will need to position your "A" & "B" plates underneath your card stock,then place your "C" plate on top and pass through the machine..To emboss the image, remove the excess card stock and turn the die over so the cutting edge is facing upwards, try to keep the cut out image in place.Lay a Tan Mat over the image,add a shim (scrap piece of card stock)and then this time use your other "B" plate. The "C" plate is too thick to be used with the Tan Mat so should not be used as you can damage or even break your machine.. Take it from someone who has broken 3 Cuttlebugs!!!And there you go, your cut out and embossed tag!I added a peel off to the tagand applied it to the project.Lastly adding a couple of heart bubbles to the left panels to complete the project..I hope you like the sample and that you enjoy the sunshine, if you have it.
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  1. Andy, this card is beautiful - the Summer Bloom papers are just right for a wedding.

    Thank you so much for the imperial measurements - this will make things so much easier using my Martha board (comment on last post was a bit cheeky of me LOL). I'll hold my hand up and admit to being raised in feet & inches and as a Scrapbooker first, cardmaker second...I rarely use CMs as my first choice of measurement. Now I have the "inches" I can go and play.

    Toni :o)

  2. Apologies for not visiting in a while but what a stunning card.