Friday, 11 January 2013

Rustic Heart...

Hi Folks. I know I know two posts in two days! Not like me at all, but whilst I'm in the zone you might as well enjoy it! Still having a play around with my Gilding Flakes in preparation for tomorrow’s lesson.
Now, this one won't be everybody’s cup of tea, I'm still not 100% convinced that it's mine, but I do like the technique! It's one using not only the Gilding Flakes and super duper Flitter Glue,
but also an Embossing Folder.. In the past you may have added Ink to your Embossing Folders to get either a positive or negative letter press? You can also do the same with the Flitter Glue!
Adding it to your Folder
before inserting your card stock and passing it through your Die Cutting Machine.
Add your Gilding Flakes
and then burnish them off! Admittedly, a little bit rough and ready
but once it is cut out it does have a certain "Je ne sais pas".
I embossed one piece of card and de-bossed the other, just to see the different effects!
Don't forget to give your Embossing Folder a thorough cleaning afterwards as it will be quite sticky from the Flitter Glue..
Then all you've got to do is decide what to do with them! Thanks for checking us out. See you soon. Andy.


  1. Oh I do wish I had been able to do this class - the card is super.

    Toni xx

  2. Missed that one, but did order some Indigo Blu goodies and have used the flakes on a Disney background, it looked good. Hope you repeat this one soon x