Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Happy Birthday Sis....

Hi Folks.. Today is Joanne's (my Sister) Birthday...
And here is the card I made for her... It was made using my latest toy, the Stamping Gear from Inkadinkadoo... I've had my eye on it since it was launched at CHA back in January and I can't believe that it initially took 8 Months for mine to arrive! But arrive it has and after a brief loan to a very talented crafter (that's you Debbie btw!) I now have my hot little hands on it. And I just can't put it down! I have made several projects already which I will be boring you with over the next few posts! So what is the Stamping Gear? You might well ask!
It is a series of cogged frames
with a range of specific stamps by Inkadinkado! Although I have found some other manufacturer’s stamps will work with It.!
To start off with, place your chosen stamp on the paddle,
where you position it on the paddle will create different patterns, as will the end you choose to stamp from.
You then literally
just keep stamping around the cog!
Depending on the stamped image, you may get the option to offset it slightly,
which I did, and stamped, in a different colour... To create a fantastic effect!
So, once you've made your patterns, the choice is yours as to do what you want to do with it!! Love it!! More samples to come. Thanks for checking us out.. See you soon. Andy.


  1. What I saw of your trial pieces on Saturday makes me think this is a 'must have'.

    Love the card Andy.

    Happy Birthday Jo.

    Toni xx

  2. Looks like lots of fun, lovely card x

  3. This looks interesting. Will you be using this when we pop in the shop? Would love to see it in action!
    Karen x