Tuesday, 30 October 2012

In Tandem...........

Hi Gang. Hope you had a good weekend? And I hope that those who were able to pop along to our demo day on Saturday with Andy Skinner are feeling suitably inspired? I know I am.. It was such a great day, I can't wait to get playing! After putting the workshop back in some sort of order it was time to get on with some crafting of my own on Sunday. A friend had asked me to make his Wife an Anniversary card... I'm terrible when it comes to requests! I don't mind churning out samples for the shop and the blog for you all to see, some you may like some you may not! And that's fine.. But when it comes to actual requests, my mind goes a blank and I am more worried that the recipient won't like it. I guess I could keep it all very simple and just snap it all together with very little thought, effort or crafting skill. But that is just not my style... You know I like to get the most out of a piece of crafting equipment, and help you to do the same in the process! So, here we are with what I came up with..
To be honest, and without blowing my own trumpet I'm pretty impressed with the result. I love the simplicity of it, although there was quite a bit of thought which went into its production, as you'll see below.
To start off with, I cut out the Marianne Creatables Bicycle Die (LR0233) twice in Black, Silver and Copper coloured Mirror card. This particular Die looks great as a one dimensional image, but I thought it might be worth trying to make it at least a two dimensional!
With one of the Silver images I cut away part of the wheels
so that when it was mounted onto the Black image the wheels showed through in Black.
Next, I cut away sections of the Copper image
so that when it was mounted onto the other images the Black wheels and the Silver spokes of the Bike showed through! I could have left it there and just done a second Bicycle, but what about a Tandem?
So, taking my second Black image
I cut away the spokes from the front wheel!
With the second Silver image, I cut the front wheel; Basket and part of the back wheel off all together
and mounted the remaining part of the image directly onto of the Black.
Doing the same with the second Copper image, this time removing the spokes from the back wheel so that when it was mounted all together,
each element showed through as before minus the front wheel spokes....
So, we have the front part and the back part,
all we need to do is join them together and you have a tandem bike!! Pretty proud of that bit!
I printed my sentiment onto my card stock and cut it out using a die from the Spellbinders Fancy Framed Tags One (S4-377).
This was then mounted onto my prepared base card
and finished off with the Tandem... I could have perhaps added a little bit of FlowerSoft to the Basket, or tarted it up a little, but this was as far as I was prepared to take it in case I spoilt its simplicity! I think this would work as a great Wedding or Engagement card also... Anyway, thanks for checking us out. See you soon. Andy.


  1. Beautiful card Andy - very effective.

    Toni xx

  2. A very clever concept Andy. Marion D