Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Another totally impractical project....

but fun to do all the same....... Hi guys. Good weekend? Yup me too... Got a gazillion things done and started on a bit of a clear up/out!! And straight away made a huge mess and regretted starting, but I have persevered and am making headway, little by little. I guess you've got to break a few eggs to make an omelette hey.. I don't like eggs that much though, unless they come in the form of an egg custard tart.... yum!!! Anyway, I digress... In between having a good sort out, and finding things that I never knew I had!! I did get a little bit of self indulgent crafting done. I say self indulgent as the project I made has absolutely no practical use what so ever. I just fancied making it.. So here it is...
I'm calling it my "Rusty Bird Cage". I've made a few of these kind of things before, see here,and here but I've always wanted them to be a little bigger but have always been restricted by one thing or another. But not in this case! The Die I used was one of the new XCut Dies. And they are HUGE!!! To give you a comparison, they are almost as big as a standard sized Cuttlebug Plate!!
So, I cut out 5 of them using Black Card stock,
scoring down the centre of each one and folding them in half...
and then glued the backs of each half together
until all 5 sides were stuck together...
I then gave the dimensional Bird Cage a dusting of "Burnt Red" Mica Powder to give it that "left out in the rain" rusty look...
To add even more dimension, I cut out some vines using the Memory Box Die Delicate Vine (98120) in Black Card stock,
again colouring with the Burnt Red Mica Powder
and then draping the vines around the Cage.
Just to finish the cage off I cut out some Flowers and Leaves using the Memory Box Dies Petal Party (98304) and Tender Leaves (98313) in the Black card stock,
adding the Mica as before
and then layering the Flowers together
and positioning them, with the Leaves onto the cage...
I.R.L it really does look as though it is made of metal, but as we all know, we are Paper Crafters, and we can make anything look like whatever we want, with the right tools and a little bit of imagination.... So, now my impracticality has been fulfilled, we'll try something a little more everyday for my next post... Thanks for checking us out, see you soon.. Andy


  1. I think this idea would make perfect table decorations for Christmas, Weddings etc and you could match the colours to the colour scheme of the event.

    Super idea Andy.

    Toni xx

  2. Love it.I love the rustic look.I definitly need that die if it's that big-more of a statement piece.many thanks for sharing. Becky ..xxx..