Tuesday, 16 October 2012

O Canada.....

Hi Guyz... Well, that's the folks packed off to Canada for a well deserved Holiday.. Up at stupid O’clock Yesterday to drop them off at the Airport. Some might say "to make sure they actually went" ... how very dare you... But yes, they did actually go, and after a long but rather comfortable flight with Air Canada they have arrived in Calgary safe and sound... Any of our Canadian followers out there, if you see em, don't forget to say hi... At the weekend it was my mate Tony's 40th Birthday "shin dig". And from what I can remember of it, it was a pretty good night.. Like many of you, I struggle when it comes to cards for the guyz.. And I came up with many connotations before I settled on the card I actually sent him... I have no idea what possessed me, but my original idea was to do the whole thing in Monochromatic (mono). Perhaps I was, in a way getting ready for next week’s Mono lesson? Not only did I decide to do Mono, but of all the colours I could have chosen I chose GREEN!! eeekk....
In some way, I kinda like this, but not suitable for this particular Birthday card...
I then tried Black & White.. Now Tony is Italian.. and this could have worked, but I kept getting the "Italian Gangster Mafioso" image in my head.. You don't want to offend an Italian now do you?
It looked equally good in White and Black, but still not what I was after... So, in the end, I plumped for mono Creams and Browns. It worked so well on my recent Skating card that I thought I couldn't go wrong..
And I was right... finally!! Hope these give you some ideas for cards for the guyz in your lives..... Thanks for checking us out. See you soon... Andy..


  1. I'm sure 'the folks' will have a wonderful time.

    Love all these cards Andy (even the green one LOL)it's lovely to see how cards can look so very different just by changing the colour.

    Toni xx

  2. Well I have to agree I love the last one but it is great to see it all the different colours to show just how it shouldn't look.
    Kim xXx