Tuesday, 11 September 2012

The best laid plans.....

Hi folks. I hope you had a good weekend and got to enjoy the last few hazy days of summer? I managed to venture out to the country show a few times, dragging a somewhat reluctant Holly along with me...
She really didn't like the crowds or the heat! But she does need to get out and socialise with other doggies a bit more and realise that that great big field here at Barleylands is not just for her own entertainment!! Apart from the show, what a weekend it was, with the conclusion of the Paralympics. Once again Team GB did us proud!
And to cap of the proceeding the "Greatest Team" parade yesterday was yet another awe inspiring event.. It's sad that both the Olympic and Paralympic games have come to an end, but what a joy they have been.. I would have loved to have been able to pop into town to be part of it, but I had plans to meet up with a friend for a belated Birthday Lunch! I say belated, she is almost as close to her next Birthday as she is far away from the last one!! Although I did remember to send her a Birthday card at the time, I thought I'd make the day a sort of 2nd Birthday. Well, if it's good enough for the Queen, then I can't see why we all can't have 2 Birthdays eh?!
So here is the card I made for her, nothing special, and certainly my sentiment stamping could have been a bit better, but I was in a bit of a rush when I made it!
But then, when you open the front!! Ta Da!! Now, I would love to say that she loved the card when she opened it.. But, I only forgot to take the blooming thing with me! And was half way to Kent before I realised! Doh! Oh well, I have it all prepared for next year’s Birthday I guess!! The best laid plans eh!!
Thank the lord I remembered her Flowers!! Thanks for checking us out, see you soon. Andy

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  1. Oh Andy, what are you like...

    The flowers are lovely and as long as you don't forget where you have put that cute card you are all ready for the next birthday LOL

    Poor Holly, it was pretty hot and all those crowds couldn't have been fun for her.

    Toni xx