Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Happy Birthday Mum...

Hi Blogland.. See, I said September was a busy Month Birthday wise in our household.. Today it is my Mum's Birthday.
And here is the card I made for her. It was a labour of love!
As, initially I had mis placed the original image I was intending to use for her card so I had to think of something else.. and quick! And whilst I was thinking, my crafting mojo completely disappeared!! arrgghhh! But, with a little perseverance we eventually got there!!
To start off with, I cut out the smallest Circle from the Spellbinders Grand Circles Die (LF-124) in some Lilac Mirror card. I then positioned the large circular die from the Spellbinders Set Vintage Lace Motifs (S5-109) inside the Grand Circle and cut it out. The Lace Motifs is quite an intricate die and the card stock I was using was quite thick so the cutting process did benefit from having a sheet of greaseproof paper in between the die and the card stock and also turning the die 90 degrees and passing it through my machine again and then embossing it before all the pieces cut out correctly. But I think the results are worth the effort!
To add a little more interest to the outer Circle I decided to cut several of the Label shapes which are also part of the Vintage Motifs set... This time I didn't bother using the Greaseproof paper or turning the die and as you can hopefully see, the pieces at each end of the shape stayed in place, which adds yet another dynamic. And yes they do look like sweets (candy), yet another use for them at some point me thinks!
I didn't want to use the whole of the image, so I snipped off the ends and then attached them to the outer edge of the Circle.
Not only does it add a nice effect to a somewhat plain Circle shape but also makes the Motifs image shape appear much bigger.
With the original Motifs shape which I had now cut the middle out of so that I could put my sentiment through it, I slightly offset it and positioned it back inside its original cut out inside the Circle.
Adding a few Gems, just because!
And then applying the shape to my prepared base card. Not my original idea, but quite happy with the result! Although the pic doesn't really show it off too well, too much Mirror card showing too much reflection! Hey ho!! Happy Birthday Mum.. Thanks for checking us out. See you soon Andy...


  1. It is a shame The Borrowers pinched the first image, but, I think I prefer the card you did end up making.
    What a shame we can't train our girls to sniff out missing items ;-)

  2. Beautiful card Andy - I'm sure Pauline was delighted.

    Toni xx