Saturday, 22 September 2012

Elegant Ornament.......

Hi Guys! Back onto Crimbo for today’s project.. You may remember my first post of 2012? I shared with you the Christmas cards I made for some of my nearest and dearest. As enjoyable as they were to make they were a little fiddly to do. At the time I thought that they could do with being a little bigger.. So what have Memory box gone and done?? That's right they've made the dies bigger and with new designs to boot.. They must have heard my mutterings!!! Lottery win, lottery win lottery win! Let's hope someone hears that!! he he...
So, today’s project is a slight play on those original cards... But the process is roughly the same.
I started off by cutting out the Ornament Drop (98378) die in both Black and Gold Mirror card.
I then cut out the La Rue Ornament (98377) again in Black and Gold. Trying to keep as much of the "fall out" pieces within the shape as I can, as this makes swapping over the pieces that much easier... But one of the sets has to be removed first anyway, so if they all fall out, so be it!
I covered one of the Drop Ornaments with tape
and popped out all of the "waste" from the alternative coloured La Rue Ornament
before applying the out lined shape to the solid base.. I guess many of you might say that this is good enough for a contrast (without the sticky background spaces)?
But, once you fill in the spaces with the original colour it really does lift the design.
Repeat the process in the reverse colour way and you'll end up with two really elegant Baubles...
Or why not ring the changes and make a feature of the Heart which makes up the La Rue Ornament..
I didn't want anything too fancy as a background to detract from the Ornament so I also cut out the Memory Box Frostyville Wreath (98418) die in Gold Mirror card
and cut it in half to form a swag for the Ornament to hang from..
This was mounted onto a piece of Black Mirror card which I had embossed using the Spellbinders Holiday Magic M-Bossibilitie Folder.
And there you go.... This project would also work using the new Colette Ornament (98379) or the new larger Emma Ornament (98411) as of course the original Snowflake Ornament (98231) and Classic Ornament base (98211).. Pretty elegant, no!? Thanks for checking us out and enjoy your weekend. See you soon. Andy.

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  1. Saw this in the shop Andy - it is fabulous.

    Toni xx