Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Cuttlebug Blogspot - Easel Challenge

Hi Folks. It's Tuesday so that must mean it's time for another Cuttlebug Blogspot Challenge. This week’s theme is quite simple. It's an Easel card of your choice..
And here's my Design Team entry.. A very unusual theme I bet you are thinking to yourselves? But there is reasoning and a method in my madness!! One of my friends has just completed her first, and probably her last! Half Marathon.. This epic feat of Olympic proportions was made all the more remarkable due to the fact that she completed the Half Marathon whilst unbeknownst to her; she was in fact 23 weeks pregnant..... So, my congratulations card for completing her Half Marathon has an Olympic theme, cos if she can manage to complete the Half Marathon whilst carrying her little bub's inside her, well, the next step must be London 2012 wouldn't you agree?! So, if you have a budding Olympian to make a project for or if you are getting your scrapping stuff ready for London 2012, then here's a quick how to...
Every now and then I see potential in something to use it above and beyond its intended use. In this case it's this Grey Board (Chip Board) Fob Watch..., I saw it as a Medal... I chose to make it into a Silver Medal as the colours I had to hand were ideal. So, I covered the Medal completely with the following colours of Acrylic Paint:
and another coat of Pearl to achieve the worn, distressed Silver Metallic effect I wanted. I know you're going to say, "Why didn't you just colour it with Silver Acrylic Paint?” good call! Purely because it wouldn't have given me the effect I was after and one coat of silver against several different colours blending to create something individual and unique is much more fun and creative!!
I then glued the 2 halves of the medal together
and applied my London 2012 Peel Off in the centre.
I could have left it well enough alone then and there, but I wanted to give it a little more depth and interest so I filled the centre with Glossy Accents, and once it was dry...
bada Bing bada Boom, London 2012 immortalised and encased in Glossy Accents forever! Now for the Easel card.. Don't be put off by a new type of card fold, once you've done it a couple of times it will become second nature. And a standard Easel card couldn't be easier to achieve.
All it is really is a standard card shape
with one of the sides folded in half to form the easel.
All you have to do is choose your card stock to decorate the base,
and the top. Once you've got this fold under your belt then why not try a twisted easel or even a tri easel card...
Anyway, back to this project.. Now, every easel card needs a stopper for the easel to rest against. So, I cut out some Circles using the Spellbinders Classic Circles Large Die (S4-114) in Blue, Black, Red, Gold (Yellow) and Green Mirror card
and inter linked them together to form the Olympic Rings.
These were then glued onto the base of my Easel card to form the stopper,
with the medal attached to the top of the Easel... And there we go one Olympic themed card for a truly deserving recipient... Don't forget to hop on over to the Cuttlebug Blogspot to see what my fellow Design Team Members have created this week. Thanks for checking us out. See you soon. Andy.


  1. A fun card Andy and very topical for us Brits at the moment with the Olympics looming and of course the Queen's Jubilee. Great idea.

    Toni xx

  2. Wow Andy! Your card is beautiful!! Love your Olympic theme and that medal almost looks real!!!


  3. Great card Andy and congratulations to your friend on both counts x