Friday, 6 April 2012

A bit of craft recycling...

Hi Blogland. Just a random post for you today! As, for this project I was just having a little play with a few left over bits and pieces from another project.
But hey, how effective can a few left over bits and pieces be?!!
I'm a bit besotted at the moment with our new range of Cheery Lynn Dies and in particular this Butterfly which is the one I used on my last Wedding card post. This time I wanted to use it to its fullest extent to get the most out of it!
To start off with, I folded a piece of copy paper in half and positioned the Butterfly "Shadow" die right on the fold line,
so that when I passed it through my Die Cutting Machine it cut out a full Butterfly "Shadow" image. Yes, I think it looks like a Bat too!! Hey Ho! Another use for it later in the year then I guess!
I then cut this image in half and put it to one side whilst I prepared the actual Butterfly for this "shadow to be attached to.
Now, you are probably aware that I use a heck of a lot of Mirror card on my projects? So I am always having off cuts lying around.. So I took a piece of Red and a piece of Gold Mirror card and die cut the Butterfly, trying to keep as much of the "waste" either in the original shape or at the very least, near it. The reason I say trying to keep as much of the waste within the cut out shape is because we are going to back fill the image with the waste from one Butterfly with the waste from another. If you roughly know where the shape came from it will make this task much easier, a little bit like a Jigsaw Puzzle!
So, when you know you have all of your "bits" you can pop them all out and keep them in some sort of order!
Then, take one half of your "shadow" image
and adhere it to the back side of your Butterfly..
This will give you a base to work with..
Then just start filling in the areas with the waste from you other Butterfly..
Repeat the process with the other Butterfly. This, as now you have taken out all the waste to use on the previous Butterfly will be “empty”. Add the copy paper "Shadow" to the back on both sides
and then back fill with the waste from the original Butterfly... Not a bad effect eh?
I prepared my base card for the Butterflies to sit on using some more waste left over from another project and then added a small piece of double sided foam tape to the centres of the Butterflies before adding them to the project and lifting the wings slightly to give them some dimension and movement...
So, not only have we used some waste card stock for this project, but we have also used the waste from each image to create a great effect... Now, there’s recycling for you!! I hope you have a great Easter Bank Holiday weekend and that you are able to get some crafting done... Thanks for checking us out. See you soon. Andy..


  1. Hi Andy

    These butterflies look absolutely fantastic and your imagination has taken them to the next level!
    Thanks for sharing this with us.
    From another avid Cheery Lynn die fan Yvonne