Thursday, 23 December 2010

Stick a fork in me....

I'm done!!! Hi Blogland.... Phew! At last I have done all my Christmas shopping, wrapping and now I have finished all of my cards!! Always left until last are those extra special ones for my parents and my Sister. But leaving them until last means I can spend that extra bit of time on them to make them what I want them to be.. NOT!!!! It actually means the opposite!! Does that look alright there, YES IT DOES!! Stick it down!! Even rushing a little bit I was happy with how my parents card came out..Whilst shopping at Bluewater I found some pre made cards in Clinton's, I know sacrilege to go into a card shop when I have an award winning shop of my own! But I do like to pop in occasionally to see what is trending at the moment.
I managed to pick up some Art Deco card packs, and as they were buy one get one half price I bought a few packs so that I could make up my own Decoupage. There were 2 of each of 5 design in a pack, so I reckon I could make a fare few cards out of all the images and not much more expensive than using normal Decoupage... I'll be heading back down to Clinton's for the sales to see what else I can pick up, unless you get there first!!!
As this card was for the folks I chose to use the couple which was in the set.So, I cut out the imagesand layered them all together...To keep the Art Deco theme going, I went for my favourite image from my favourite Cricut Cartridge, Billionaire. Well, my current favourite Cricut Cartridge, until something else comes along!! And cut out the Art Deco Car in Black & Silver Mirror Card..And added it to my prepared card.Adding the couple image with some big blobs of Silicone Gel to give extra dimension as if the couple were walking away from the car.
The card needed something as, although it looks very classic, it still looked a bit bare!So, I cut some Spellbinders Poinsettia shapes from some Red Mirror card,made a slit in eachand stuck the two petals either side of the slit together using Glossy Accents. On one of the Poinsettias, I curved the petals over the edge of my craft desk to flatten them out and give dimension at the same time!
The inner layer I left as it was. I then layered the two together.Next, I cut out some leaves from the Tattered Leaves Die and added them to the card.Popping the Poinsettia into the middle of the leavesand finishing off with some Gold Flower Soft..Merry Christmas Mum & Dad...On a roll I then had to do Joanne & Paul's card.Again I used an image from the card pack I purchasedand Decoupaged them.
The cards that the images came from were a sort of Purple colour, which I didn't like so I cut that bit off, which also meant I lost the tree! So I made my own!I cut out lots of leaves using the Martha Stewart Branch punchand made the boughs of the tree,and then filled in the remaining ares.Finishing off by adding the Decoupaged image....
So, now I'm all done I can truly start to enjoy the festive season...
It has been such a busy year, I think I managed to take a day off somewhere! The 17th of September and the 3rd of October ring a bell for some reason... Note to self, take more time for me next year!! We'll see...
I'd just like to take this opportunity to wish all of you a fantastic Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Crafty 2011 and I look forward to sharing some more ideas next year... Have fun...


  1. These cards are lovely. I'm sure your parents and sister will be thrilled.

  2. These are awesome! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Andy, both cards are stunning. Although I think I like the Christmas tree one slightly is a close run thing.

    Can I take this opportunity to thank you for a great year of crafting ideas and look forward to even more in 2011.

    Have a wonderful Christmas and try and put your feet up even if only for a short while cos I know you will all be back in the shop preparing for the sale in next to no time.

    Hugs & best wishes to you all - Toni xxx

  4. Oh those are so amazing! If I got one of those I would mat and frame it for sure!

  5. These cards are beautiful Andy, I'm just printing these and the the previous blog card to put by for inspo for some cards for use in the year, all occasions. So striking and best of all simple to assemble. Clever you and well done. See you in the 2011. Renee x

  6. These are truly beautiful cards and no would know they were made with shop purchased cards lol. Love how you made that tree looks so authentic.
    Kim xXx

  7. Can I just say you are crazy dedicated & talented?? I adore both cards!

  8. Okay...just how many packs of cards did you buy? Either you have a stockpile or you have caused everyone round here to raid their local Clintons - the Deco cards were noticable by their absence LOL

    Happy New Year Andy - love to you and everyone at Pinnacles for a super 2011.

    Toni xxxx

  9. Wow!! Nice Blog! Love your work!! Anita

  10. Your cards are gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing on all of them!