Wednesday, 1 December 2010

More of the white stuff...

Hi Blogland. More snow overnight!! Hope that those who love it, enjoy it while it lasts, and those that don't... stay safe... Not that I wish those that love it not to stay safe mind!
Can't wait to get back to some sort of normality.... what ever that entails... Getting shed loads done though in between web orders...
Have fun, see you soon


  1. Oh wow you have had as much as we have! its fantastic to look at but im sure im gonna get fed up with it soon? it does look pretty and ive been going mental with my camera taking lots of pickies of snow! how sad i am :-)

  2. Too deep now for Snow Angels - so where's your snowman LOL

    I have 3 steps up to the front of my house but you wouldn't know it cos the snow is level.

    Are you clearing a path for me Andy, as I don't want to miss Saturday's lessen.

    Toni :o)