Sunday, 21 February 2010

Packing a punch!

Hi Everyone. Phew! My first demonstration day has now passed.. and did I enjoy it?.. you betcha!! will I be doing anymore? DITTO!!
I teach all the time, but I have never actually demonstrated to an audience before and certainly never all day to crowds of people.
We started at 10am and I did not move out of my seat until 4pm! as we had avid crowds watching all day long. I'm not one to sit in one place for very long, I always have something to do, sometimes I even find myself doing something you ladies can do quite naturally.. I believe it's called multi tasking!?
The only time I find myself sitting completely still is when I am on a plane.. The thing is, when you have plunged 25,000 feet because the plane cabin has lost pressure you tend to think it will happen again, to be honest if someone opens a packet of crips on a flight now I think the wing is falling off, so this is the only time I sit still, obviously now the only other time I remain seated is when I am demonstrating..
We had lots of questions and the uuuoooo's and aghhhhhh's are always great to hear when you all see something you like or another way of doing something.. There were so many different things I wanted to share with youincluding turning a corner punch into a circle punchor using a Punch for something other than it's intended use....The Butterfly Punch was always going to be a winner though and so easy to do once you know how.. I will upload more techniques from the day in the near future, including all the measurements I used.. The only thing is I know that there are more of the Martha Stewart Punches on their way to Pinnacles and I hope to see them at the Trade Show on Monday. Rest assured I will sort out the measurements for these new Punches in due course for you all..
Thanks to everyone for coming and for making it an enjoyable day.
Thanks for checking us out
See you soon


  1. sounds like a great time for you, even the plane ride. will be looking for the sizes used!

  2. Sounds very interesting, Love the projects.

  3. Thanks for sharing some super ideas and better still for sharing some super prices for the corner and border combos - I am now the proud owner of some more fab punches.

    Toni :o)