Friday, 5 February 2010

New Toys!!

Hi Everyone, We had a delivery this week of the New Cuttlebug Embossing Folders...
11 have been released including some more of the 5"x7" size.. Of course it was far to difficult to choose which ones to have so yes! I had the lot!!And here's what I came up with using some of the new folders, Nesabilities Lables, and the new Forever Friends Going to the Chapel range...
Using Nestabilities as Stack it's! is nothing new and I have seen a few people demonstrating them.. Using low tac tape, magnets etc.. Personally I just line them up by eye, which works for me!Firstly, I cut pieces of card stock to fit my Cuttlebug Folder Design and embossed them through the Cuttlebug Machine... eerrmmm Yes that is the NEW Pink Cuttlebug machine you see in the background!!I then took one of the Labels set of Nestabilities and sat the dies that would fit on my image in the middle of the embossed card and ran it through the machine.Which produced a positive and a negative image.Then I placed a difference coloured piece of card under the original and placed the next sized dies in the centre, pretty accurate I think you'll agree? Then ran this die through the machine, and so on and so on, alternating my colours as I went.I was then left with a set of positive and negative images to play around with.The image with the largest aperture will need a lot of support as it is quite flimsy, so apply as much foam tape as you can without it being seenand lay it onto the next sized image.Repeat this process until you have used all of your cut outs.Don't forget your positives either!!I also had a play with the Jules Jewels Embossing Folder,I know it's difficult, if not impossible to see but the White is also embossed with the intricate Butterfly design. The whole design is cut so that the design of the embossing folder continues in each layer.I hope you like these samples, I'm going to give them a go in Saturday's Cuttlebug lesson I think..
See you soon..


  1. Love your cards again! I am sure people will ove it in a cuttlebug lesson. I know I would :)

  2. OOooohh so pretty! I love this!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. a pink cuttlebug? how cool is that!
    cards are fab. also!

  4. Oh my! I just gotta have them all I think ....yeah and how many more coming did you say Andy??? !!! This is just so effective and,if I know you just a hint of what is to come. The bigger embossing folders will give so much more scope too. I hope there are more of these coming!

    Well done Andy ... what's next.

    Renee x

  5. Oh my, lovely card. Now how many days is it to payday..............

    Toni :o)

  6. the new folders look great, - tempting, - ummmh another must have - did'nt have to think too long for that one!!! see you all soon Becky-Bex