Monday, 17 August 2009

Totally Tropical Taste!!

Hello blogland, have you missed us?? Sorry for the lack of posts recently.. Things have been sooo busy at Pinnacles that time has eluded me yet again, but it's good to be back...
As the sun is shining and it's expected to get hot again this week, ooohhh 29C by Wednesday!!! I thought I'd share a some what tropical card I made recently...

This project has used some of my favourite products, well my current favourites, I'm sure I will move on to others very soon.. So out came my Cricut machine, My Life is a Beach Cricut Cartridge, My Cuttlebug and Alcohol Inks..oh and not forgetting the all important Mirror Card.. I just can't get enough of this at the moment, mainly because they keep bringing it out in some amazing colours..

Not just Black, Gold & Silver etc.. We now have some amazing soft pastel colours.. For this card I chose the Soft Pink and Lilac as well as the black...
I cut a 5" Flamingo in Black Mirror Card from Life is a Beach, then the body layer in Pink Mirror Card. Now this looks cool but I felt the body needed a a little more dimension.
For me, the Victoria Cuttlebug Folder supplied this dimension, almost giving a feather like effect.. Do Flamingo's have feathers? I guess they do.. Once stuck together this is how the bird looks. Take the Lilac Mirror Card inside the Swiss Dots Cuttlebug Folder to produce a simple but effective background. However the Flamingo was lost on the Lilac background, so I added a touch of Green by way of some Kanban Card (Duo Mirri Card - Trifoliata)
Then, taking a selection of Alcohol Inks I used different Greens and Yellows randomly applied to a sheet of
12" x 12" glossy card stock.
Then from on my Cricut Machine using Life is a Beach I cut out different leaves in different sizes ranging from 1" to 2.5".
I also love the waste which was left behind when the leaves were removed.. Perfect for a Scrapbook layout I have in mind..
Then, touring the shop I came across these fantastic Tropical 12" x 12" papers we have. They are from Sandylion and fit this project perfectly, they are also double sided so even greater value for money..
Then lay out everything together and stick the pieces to your card..

Enjoy the tropical weather and thanks for checking us out..


  1. Another fab card Andy but did you have to use that title for the post...I've been humming the old 'Lilt' ad all afternoon LOL

    Toni :o)

  2. Lilt, oh that's where it's from. I thought it was the Kia Ora ad or even Um Bongo. You know, way down deep in the middle of the Congo.. you know the rest.. I'm older than I look you know!!! LOL. Thanks for looking and making me laugh!!