Friday, 3 January 2014

More than a card....

Hi everyone... If you saw yesterday's post you will know that it was my best mates Birthday.. And hopefully you will have liked the card I made for him..? It's always difficult making projects for us guys, but on this occasion I just couldn't stop myself!!
I'm lucky enough to count my true friends on the fingers of one hand and I know them sometimes better than they know themselves!
I said yesterday that my bestie was a bit of a dance fiend, and to be honest in our little group we have all been known to cut a rug on the dance floor every now and then, myself included...
So, the additional images I purchased from Make It Crafty have come in very handy as an additional Birthday gift...

Digis have one drawback for me and that is the thickness of card stock I can print them out onto, but that is more my problem than a problem with the Digi.. One of the biggest advantages of them though is the fact that you can re size them at no extra expense!!
So, that is exactly what I have done; taking my original image,

shrinking it slightly and then colouring it in with my Copics...

Doing the same with my Second

and third images....

But what to do with them?! I couldn't send Three Birthday cards, and if I had kept them to send over the next Two years, would I ever find them? Would I ek!!!
Now, you know I'm a fan of Wilko's? You can always find a bargain or 10 in there, and at SALE time, even more so!!
So I picked up 3 inexpensive frames and place each of my images in them.
We have KK1


& KK3

(Really! Please don't ask what KK means.. You really don't want to know!!)
OK, they are not strictly caricatures of us all, but the theme and sentiment are all there!!

Honest to God, I love them soo much, I think I might even make a set for myself!!
Thanks for checking us out.
See you soon.

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  1. They look fabulous Andy - such fun images (they remind me of Gene Kelly in Singing in the Rain). Super gift and I think you should make yourself a set.

    Toni xx