Tuesday, 21 January 2014

I'm melting!!...

No, not the wicked witch of the west....but me!!!
This week's lesson here at Pinnacles is all about Melt Art...
Perhaps not to the depths and degrees it could be taken too, but Andy's way..
We've had a go at making our own little Hearts using the Spellbinders Bezel’s

and Flowers dunked in UTEE which has given them an almost Porcelain appearance...

We've had fun so far this week, and no burnt fingers as yet!!!
Here are just a couple of samples I prepared for the lesson, with some more to follow later in the week...

Thanks for checking us out.
See you soon.


  1. Hi Andy, loving these hearts, need to get that mould. LOL I made hundreds of flowers in the summer with my melting pot, hot sunny days and a glass of rose mmm roll on summer x

  2. They are all beautiful Andy but I soooooooooooo love that box.
    Toni xx