Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Fit for a Queen....

Hi Blogland. I hope you had a good weekend? I know I certainly did! Well, at least I think I did! It was my mates Stag night on Saturday. And, although I can remember very little of the night itself, the fact that all involved made it through the night relatively unscathed, even the Groom!, should stand for something. Although, there was a visit to A&E for one of the group... He doesn't know how or why, we don't know how or why, but if it was going to be one of us, it was going to be him! But, what goes on on tour, stays on tour!! Let's say no more about it shall we...! Cuttlebug Tuesday Today and this week’s theme is.... Something fit for a Queen... Here in the UK we certainly have a lot to celebrate for the next few weeks! OK, let's forget about Eurovision! The Olympic Torch has arrived on our shores from Greece and is whinging it's way around the country, ready for a pretty much once in a lifetime event! The Olympic and Paralympics Games are coming to London. How many people can say that the biggest show on Earth is being held less than 30 miles from their front door? Well, quite a few I imagine but it's still a pretty big darn deal for me! Anyway, we are still a few weeks away from the Olympics razzmatazz, but there is still cause for us Brits to celebrate this weekend. The Queen, affectionately known in our house as Liz, is celebrating 60 years on the British Throne. No mean feat! She's had her up's and down's but it really feels like it is a time when all the country is pulling together to celebrate such an Historic occasion. You just have to take a look around here at Barleylands and see the amount of Red, White and Blue there is!
So, here is my submission for the Cuttlebug Blog Spot. It's nothing special and really rather simple in it's make up, but all the elements are there! Diamonds on the background paper! Well, it is Liz's Diamond Jubilee. A Solider on guard, and a very apt sentiment me thinks... Don't forget to hop on over to the Cuttlebug Blog Spot to see what my fellow Design Team Members have created with this week’s theme... Another little bit a news for you, this bit is not craft related in the slightest but is for all you Holly fans out there!
Today was the first day that I let her off the lead, and you know what?... She came back to me after running around enjoying her new found freedom. Well, when I say I let her off the lead, she actually "slipped" her lead (again!) after going for a paddle in the pond! So here she is. Yes, she has her lead with her as she enjoys playing with it, but notice it is not around her neck!! Someone’s a proud Papa!! Thanks for checking us out, and don't forget our Paper Sale at the weekend.. 40% off of ALL in stock paper and card, single sheets and packs to everyone.. This makes these products HALF PRICE to all Pinnacle Crafts Club Members. Sale starts at 10am on Saturday 02nd June 2012 thru Tuesday 05th June 2012 ending @ 4pm... Come and grab a bargain.. See you soon.. Andy..


  1. Love the card Andy and I see you have done a bit of redecorating here on the blog - love it.

    Hope you didn't 'suffer' too much after your Saturday night.

    Holly looks lovely in that photo Andy - gosh how big she is now compared to the little bundle of fluff you first introduced to us.

    Toni xx

  2. Super card Andy. Love the soldier.

  3. Hi Andy, first of all congratulations on this Jubilee, hope you will have fun!
    And secondly you did great job with this Challenge, it is very royal worthy!

    Greetings from the USA (am on holiday just now)