Saturday, 4 February 2012

What to do with....

...a nice piece of paper.
Hi Blogland. Like most crafters, I have backing papers coming out of my ears! But, I can always be swayed to grab another one or ten!!Just like this one.. But what to do with it?Make something purdy I guess...I started off by cutting away the edges of the paper to make for a more manageable shape to play with..
It was the shaped edges of the paper as well as the colour that caught my eye, so I really wanted to incorporate these edges into my project.I added one strip of foam tape to one of the edges and a double layer of foam tape to another edgeand added them to the now Square piece of paper, staggering them slightly to add a bit of dimension.. Also, if you squint a bit and use a little bit of imagination it forms a sort of Butterfly!! Hence, the next step...I cut and embossed three Butterflies using the Marianne Craftable Butterfly (CR1205) Die,and positioned them onto my project.Adding some gems to give the effect of movement, and a simple sentiment...A nice piece of paper, and a nice effect...
Thanks for checking us out.
See you soon..