Thursday, 2 February 2012

New Home...

Hi Blogland.... The idea for this card has always been in the back of my mind when I have had to make a New Home card, but I never seemed to have the right products to use, until now..I say I have always had this idea in the back of my mind as, when I was younger, I visited the Greek Island of Symi, as you approach the Harbour you are greeted by the houses built into the hills. The amazing thing about these houses is that they are all painted in pastel colours. So, this is what I have tried to replicate on this card, albeit in a more city environment!There are two house shapes in this Die set (Amsterdam LR0207). So, I cut out both images several times in different coloured card stock. It wasn't until I had cut the images out that I realised that all of the windows were cut out,meaning that when mounted onto my backing card, you could see right through them.. Good thing for windows, seeing right through them! But I wanted the buildings to appear much more solid..So, I cut some Acetate and card stock to size to back onto the windows.I applied the Acetate to the back of the building as fuax glass,and then layered on a piece of dark card stock to make the image look fuller.I did this for each of the large house shapes.I repeated this process for the smaller houses. But, as you can notice, there is a skylight at the top of this shape, and to be honest I really couldn't be doing with cutting my Acetate and dark card stock to fit this shape.So, I took some of the waste coloured squares which had popped out when cutting the Diesand placed them in these spaces.So, all the prep done, now time to build my street!Finishing off with a simple sentiment...And there you go! Not quite a Greek Island, but a nice and bright New Home card none the less.
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  1. What a fun card Andy and just perfect for a New Home greeting.

    Toni xx