Saturday, 27 November 2010

Happy Retirement!

Hi Everyone, I hope you are well? Yesterday, my dad finally decided to retire. He has worked hard all his life, and now I think he's ready for a little bit of me (him) time!!... Although I know that Mum has a long list of jobs to keep him occupied in the coming years... Bless!!Here is the card I made for him to wish him a looooooooooooooong and happy retirement.
I got the idea from my Cuttlebug Design Team Buddy Julie, who produced a stunning invitation that gave me the inspo I needed.. Thanks Julie. She has music on her blog, so check your PC volume before popping over to visit her, Because it shocked the life out of me as I was wondering where on earth is that coming from??!! I'm bopping along to her tunes now as I type though... Party on!!I cut out 3 leaves using an old Cuttlebug die, which has been discontinued now I think?!I then took my Glue Pad. Now, if you haven't used this before, the pad is dry and comes with a pot of glue.Ideally you only need to apply enough glue for the project you are working on, otherwise the pad will dry out and the glue will go to waste!!So, the glue was applied to the leaves and then, as it was a super special card, I took some gold leaf,well, green/gold leaf to be precise and added it to the tacky glue covered leaves... Sorry, I know there are a lot of leaf/leaves references.. Who knew the English language was that complicated? Still, most of the world can speak it, so you should get the gist!?I then put the leaves into the embossing folder which came with the leaf cutting die and passed them through the Cuttlebug. To be honest I was really surprised how well the embossing came out on each leaf.. So much dimension and texture...For my base card I added a strip of ribbon and a simple sentiment.Before adding the leaves to the card I teased them over the edge of my work bench to give the some dimension and movementand then added them to the card.
Thanks again for the inspo Julie and Happy Retirement Dad.
If you are in the UK, stay warm this weekend.... bbbbrrrrr. Or if you are lucky enough to be somewhere a bit warmer, then stay cool!!!
Have a great weekend and thanks for checking us out.
See you soon


  1. Beautiful card Andy, in it's simplicity and impact. (Lucky me, I have this leaf die and emboss folder). Generic, across the board, all occasions, wonderful for fellas especially.

    I'm sure your Dad will love and admire it. Happy retirement Colin, won't be long before you'll wonder how you ever fitted your job into your day!


  2. This is absolutely breathtaking. I love the elegance and simplicity of it.

  3. Oh Andy
    It turned out beautiful! I love that you added gold leaf to the leaves what a special touch for your dad.
    Sorry about scaring you with my music!!!

  4. Andy, this card looks stunning - classic, classy and in a league of its own. Hope your Dad loves it and enjoys his retirement.

    Can I say a very BIG thank you to you and everyone else at Pinnacles - your very kind thought made Kristy so happy. She has had a rotten week with Dan being in hospital and then her trip to the UK going pear-shaped...she was overcome by your thoughtfulness.

    Toni :o)

  5. Andy, I love this card, why can't I think up such lovely designs especially for the men?

  6. This is wonderful, love love love the effect of the embossing with the gold/green leaf.
    Kim xXx

  7. wow!! ur cards are amazing lately andy!!!
    Too funny, I did the same thing on Julies blog lol x