Friday, 8 January 2010

Welcome to my part of the world!!!

Hi Everyone, has anyone seen the film "The Day After Tomorrow"?? Does this picture ring any bells??? Scary eh!! As I'm sure you are all aware the whole of the UK is experiencing one of the worst winters for decades.. It was fun at first but now I just wish it would go away!! I know for some of you blog followers, our current weather is positively tropical! I have family in Canada and am told that their winter will go on until May!!! Get out of town!!! Rather them than me, on the other hand, a friend in Australia has said that he is far too hot in Perth.. I have offered to swap with him.. but as yet, no reply!!! LOL..
Well, the cold spell has allowed for many hours of crafting as although the shop has remained open through out only a few brave soles have managed to make it in.. However, as the start of the new Do Crafts Promotion has only just kicked off, those that were unable to get to the shop have kept us busy with phone calls and also on line orders.. So, busy, busy, busy all round...So onto today's project. As I mentioned, the new Do Craft Essential promotion is now in full swing. Packed full of great new products to play with..
I've never been a great "cutter outer" or Decoupagist to give it's correct term, so the explosion in Die Cut Decoupage is a god send to someone like me and these Glittered Flowers are something extra special,and as you can see I have been very busy popping them all out and sticking them together...
I wanted a paper to match, but instead of choosing from the hundreds of backing papers I already have and need to use!! 1st New Years resolution out of the window!! I wanted to make my own backing..So to complement the chosen image I took a piece of Glossy White card stock and applied Lettuce and Sail Boat Blue Alcohol Inks. The colours were quite bright so I toned them down with the Blending Solution..Then with one of the New! Martha Stewart Deep Edger Punches (Floral Vine) I punched into the card stock.. Now, these Punches are whoppers!! and punch quite easily through thick card stock..Once cut, both the inked card stock and Decoupage flower were adhered onto a White base card.. Very simple, very effective...One Decoupage image down,several more to go!!
I could have carried on forever with Alcohol inking the glossy card, but wanted to re visit a technique I used last year.. Shaving Foam.. This proved soooo popular in our lessons, in fact each time I went to Asda to stock up on the cheapest brand, they were often sold out..Coincidence??!! I think so..Squirt a small amount of Shaving Foam onto some waste packagingand add a few drops of Alcohol Inks to it.Using a Cocktail Stick or the end of a Paint Brush swirl the colour into the Shaving Foam.Lay your Glossy card stock into the Shaving Foam and leave there for a few seconds.Pull the card stock away from the Foam and dab off the excess Foam with a Paper Towel..It dries pretty much instantlyso you can use it straight away..You can add more than one colour at a time to achieve a 2 or more tone effect...I love this technique as the results differ each time you do it,and also differ depending on the Inks and colours you use...and if nothing more it's great fun to do...So why not give it a go??

Thanks for checking is out and see you soon.


  1. Absolutely love the shaving foam technique, that is totally new to me.

  2. Nah need to move your arrow...right a bit, down a bit...LOL

    Lovely selection of cards - hope you haven't used up all the die-cuts.

    Toni :o)

  3. Oh what a cool cool technique that shaving foam is!! I have not seen it before, but yes, as soon as I am in Asda again, shaving foam is on the list!!

    I do have a question though. Are you one of the people on the craft fair shows from Max-something here in Hull?

  4. Just found your blog via the Cricut website and I LOVE everything you do! It's all so lovely! Can't wait to see more of your creations!