Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Now don't be Koi!!

Hi Everyone.. Phew!! what a week so far.. The lead up to Pinnacle Crafts Club Members Weekend is always a little bit frantic.. Getting the shop stocked, orders marked off and everything ship shape for a smooth discount weekend.. Well it's almost here, in fact the last one of the year! So if you are coming along we all look forward to seeing you.. That said, amongst the general running of the shop, teaching, serving, orders etc I have still found a "brief" moment to craft!!
I think I'm all Christmas'd out for the time being. So I fancied ringing the changes a bit for this project.. So out came my trusty Cricut.
I cut 3 Koi images at 3" from the Pagoda Cartridge using some great new patterned mirror card we have in stock. I then cut out corresponding images on plain mirror card using the Blackout function.and then layered the pieces together.I then cut out a 7" Square from Winter Woodland Cartridge, I used the Centre Point function to cut out an inner Square at 5" which left me with the frame I wanted.. The idea being to make a pond for the Koi..
I wanted to make the edge of the pond a bit more interesting, so I embossed around the frame using the Glitter Girls Elegance and Fantasy Embossing Board.To add the element of water I randomly applied Pool & Stream Alcohol Inks to a piece of Acetate.I also cut a piece of heavy glittered card stock to size, this I will use as the base to the pond!
Now I have all of my elements for the card I'm ready to rock and roll and assemble it.I added a strip of double sided foam tape to the under side of the embossed piece of card stock and a double layer of foam tape to the Acetate, this was to give a bit more dimension to the finished card.
Position the Koi images onto the Glitter card stock and the mount the Acetate and frame on top of each other.. How good does this look??
I would have been happy to leave it there and use it potentially as a picture, but in the end decided to mount it onto a card. Keep it simple I thought! But a simple card was exactly that.. too simple.. It just needed a little something..
So with my trusty new corner punch I punched the Two outer corners with the wings of the punch open..
Did you know that you can punch the corners of the card next to the spine without punching all the way through both sides of the card??! Well here's how...
Open just one of the wings and buff it to the edge of your card. Halfway down the side of the punch is a little notch. Line this up with the spine of the card and punch.. Hey! it just cuts on one side of the card. Cool eh!!? Repeat this on the other corner...Simple, but effective..
I also added a few Lilly pads, which were cut from the Pagoda Cartridge at 1" Real Dial Size, these were randomly applied to the picture which was then mounted onto the punched card... A little closer so you can hopefully see the full effect.. If not it's on display in the shop, so if you are in for the massive 30% Club Members Discount over the weekend you can see it for real...

Thanks for checking us out..
See you soon


  1. Such a lovely card! I appreciated the opportunity to read all the details on its creation. That patterned mirror card is gorgeous!

  2. I posted this on the cricut message board, but your card is just STUNNING!!! I absolutely LOVE it! Thanks for sharing :-)

  3. Another stunning card Andy.

    Toni :o)

  4. Well Andy, having seen the real thing now I can only say the blog doesn't do it justice, as great as it looks here it's quite a stunner in 'the flesh'. Hope you have plenty of those 'round the page' punches too... 'cos here I come for mine!

    Renee x

  5. Yet again another gorgeous card, seeing it in the flesh is even better. Well done Andy. xx Form Lyn (wed)

  6. great card andy. well done. will try it myself love the tip about punching the 4 corners of the page. will be using this idea alot. xxx