Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Going back to our roots!

Hi Everyone. It seems only yesterday when Pinnacle Crafts opened it's doors to the public, in fact it was over 6 years ago that Joanne & Pauline first set up our (then) little shop at Barleylands (boy, haven't we grown!).. And this week we have been revisiting the product that got the ball rolling and has made Pinnacle Crafts what it is today!! Pinflair...Back in 2003 Joanne took redundancy from her career with a German Bank in London.. With a little time on her hands she took herself off to one of the big craft shows here in the UK and came across a stand selling Pinflair. She got chatting with the owner Christine and the rest as they say is history!! She purchased a few kits and loved making the products. I, at the time was working for John Lewis Department Stores and said that the Buyers would lap these products up.. which they would have! However, we would never be able to make the products up in the quantity required! So, we decided to set up our own shop and now Pinnacle Crafts is one of the largest stockists of Pinflair products in the UK and the products have a firm fixture within our store.
The Pinflair items are simply, Polystyrene shapes with Sequins, Beads & Ribbon attached to them. Once the shape is completed you would never guess that underneath all the intricate work there is a simple polystyrene shape holding the whole thing together!
We make many gifts for customers who want something special for a Wedding, Anniversary or just a keep sake and just love the oooohs & ahhhhhs when they see the gift made up for them..These Bells are my favourite. OK, they are not quick to make but boy are they effective.. We use them to decorate the Christmas Tree and can also be used for Wedding Bells as we can make them in any colour combination we wish.. And one of the best things about them is that they do not break and can be handed down from generation to generation..Or how about something a bit more contemporary for your Tree this year..
I really think the best thing about these Bells is the one thing you rarely see, the base. So much work!!
Obviously our lessons are not long enough for our customers to complete the Bells in time. So, ever resourceful we came up with our own design for our customers to complete..A great Bauble card.. Simple, but oh so effective...!

So why not give it a go..
Thanks for checking us out.


  1. I love those bells but those cards are fab too.

    Toni :o)

  2. The bells look beautiful.Last time I was in I saw Jo's Xmas puddings,they were unusual and lovely.So I bought a xmas pudding kit and over a weekend my 10yr old boy and myself made all 20.I've never used Pinfair at all before,but I will in future-they are great!! see you all soon Becky-Bex