Friday, 6 November 2009


Hi Everyone, I hope you are well?
The day has finally arrived, it's my wonderful Sisters Birthday today.. And Yes she is 40 Today...
Like everyone else in the family, I knew her Birthday was coming up, after all it's the same date every year!,d'oh! but as usual, inspiration eluded me until I was forced to sit down and get her card made with only hours to spare!!! Well, it was more like minutes to spare to be honest.. We actually have a fridge magnet at home which states "If it wasn't for the last minute, then nothing would get done!" how true...! She is going away for the weekend, although she does not know this yet" so I had to get her card a Birthday presents to her before she sets off today.. So here is the card I made for her..
I started off by cutting out 40 Roses from my Sweethearts Cricut cartridge. These were cut at 1" Real Dial size on non shedding Glitter card. I used the multi cut function on the Cricut as the card was quite thick!. My initial intention was to use all of the 40 Roses on the card, but in the end I only used a few, but hey, I have plenty prepared for another project!!

I then cut out the same Rose, this time on darker Pink card, using the Blackout Shadow function. This function cuts out the same image but without all the petal layers. The idea being that I can lay the lighter Pink image over the darker image giving a 3D effect.

I sprayed the backs of the lighter Pink Roses with Crafter's Companion Stick & Spray Spray Adhesive. I did this in small batches so as not to let the adhesive dry out by the time I got to the last few. The light Pink images were then laid directly on top of the darker Pink images.

I then cut out a Swirly Frame from the Storybook Cricut cartridge (pg55 in the Storybook Handbook, using the Accent/Frame and Shift functions). This was cut at 8" Real Dial size using the same non shedding Glitter card but this time in Copper...
This shape can be used either way up and just look at the great shapes which were left behind once the image was cut out.

I then cut out the same shape at 8" Real Dial size, this time using the Accent Blackout and Shift functions on Green Mirror card using the multi cut function.

If I was using this cut as a frame it would be layered up like this which I think looks pretty cool..

However, purely by accident, I was just paying around with the green image and it stood up like this, so taking the Copper image I layed it over the top. To me it looked like a Butterfly, so that's what it became! I attached High Tack double sided tape to the top and bottom of the Copper image and laid it directly onto the Green image. The whole image was quite strong and standing it up on it's end was even more effective than having the card on it's side..

I punched out a few Dimensional Butterflies into the same light Pink Glitter card used earlier for the Roses and cut them out so they were all individual.

Then taking some Pinflair Glue I randomly attached the Butterflies and Roses I had made earlier to the Green and Copper image. I know that Butterflies should be a mirror image on both wings but this looked too symmetrical! Artistic licence I say!!!!

A little close up for you to see the whole concept of the card.. And all boxed up ready for Joanne to open up Today..
Happy Birthday Sis, hope you have a great day!!xx
Thanks for checking us out.
See you soon.


  1. Special card for a special lady, and she so deserves it! Well done Andy it's beautiful. Hope Jo has a brilliant weekend. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Joanne.

    And, thanks for sharing the technique Andy. Seey'all soon. Rene xxxx

  2. Very detailed w/Pics.. I Like!!! ;-) Awesome job..

  3. I love that butterfly punch - not sure if they have it i nthe US stores. Very pretty ! I do not have storybook cart...yet

  4. Stunning card - great job Andy.

    Happy Birthday Joanne.

    Toni :o)

  5. Happy Birthday Jo!
    A really beautiful card Andy, I love "swirls and whirls" anyway so this really is my kind of card!I can't wait for the Cricut lesson on Sunday!
    Denyse x

  6. Beautiful, everyone of your creations !!!!!

  7. What a beautiful card! I'm sure your sister was thrilled with it. Iris Soscia

  8. This is absolutely gorgeous! I dont' have the storybook cartridge, but it is on my wish list.

  9. I am new to your blog, I was turned on to it from Samantha @ This card is absolutely beautiful. The glitter card (paper) you used, do you sell it on you on-line store?