Friday, 27 November 2015

Yuletide Greetings Wreath..

Hi folks... I know, two posts in a week!! What's going on!! Wouldn't get too use to it though!! But seeing as inspo is with me at the moment I'm just going to ride the wave...
Every year I seem to be drawn to making my personal cards for friends and family using a wreath image of some sort!! I think it must have something to do with the symmetry of the project.. No, I don't come out in hives and cold sweats if I don't make a square card, but not far from it!! If it ain’t a right angle it’s a wrong angle in my book!!
So, since I've had a chance to play with some newbies which have arrived here at Pinnacles, including the Tonic Studios Yuletide Greetings Die (640e) I think I've settled on my design....

Although it is so far from my colour comfort zone that I could meet myself coming back, I love how it has come out!!

Somehow every element seems to work, from the Mat and Layering, the Sentiment, (obviously) the wreath and even the Whopping great big bow, (didn't have any thinner Tartan Ribbon!)

In my last post I also used the Yuletide Die, but only the outer two layers. This time I have used all three.

Again, weaving some Ribbon between the slots created by the middle sized Die...

Incase you are wondering about the Ribbon, No! It’s not a wonderful technique I have used to create the two tone effect..

It’s just a wonderful two tone Ribbon!

I mounted the wreath onto my prepared base card.

Just for a change I have used a Satin finish Mirror card as opposed to the normal shiny one as it was just that little bit softer!! And made for easier photography!!

Cutting out the sentiment from the Yuletide Die set in both Green & Red to compliment the Mat and Layering...

Sticking them together, slightly offsetting the Green as a drop shadow and

positioning it low down in the centre of the wreath

so that when the Ribbon was added it didn't obscure the sentiment at all..

So, I've settled on my design for this year, just gotta churn them out in a few different colour ways now... Watch this space....
Thanks for checking us out.
See you soon.


  1. Two posts in less than a week (I nearly fell off my chair LOL).
    I love the card Andy, it's fabulous and the tartan bow looks super.
    Toni xx

  2. Hi Andy, keep the inspiration going while it's coming! You can never do enough postings....we need the ideas! Lovely how you've done this in the red and green with the added tartan. Having family in Scotland it always looks good, no matter what the colour of the clans. Love it! xx Love Karen xx