Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Ahead of the game... for once!!!

Hi folks.. A rarity for me, but I think I might have just managed to stay ahead of the game for once this year..

I know Father's Day is a few weeks off yet, but I've completed mine well in advance...
All I need to do now is to make sure I don't misplace it between now and the middle of June!!
I think if I leave it out on display for Club Members Weekend this weekend and then put it in that "somewhere safe" place, I should be OK!!
Oh, and the positioning of the hands!

Significant??!! Nah, not really!!! Or is it???
Thanks for checking us out.. See you soon.

Cheery Lynn Die - B357 Clock
Spellbinders Die - Sprightly Sprockets S5-048
Spellbinders 3D M-Bossabilitie Folder - Creative Cogs E3D-002

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful card Andy. All the metal shades and cogs create an amazing look of engineering - great effect.

    Toni xx