Monday, 13 May 2013

Gilding Flake Tutorial.....

Hi Folks... Not my intended post today. But I was asked to do a tutorial using Gilding Flakes with a stamped image and FlitterGlu.. So, before I forget to do it I thought I'd get it done and out of the way sooner rather than later..
So, this one is for Pat and anyone else who is interested in giving it a go...
To start off with, I have my Stamp, FlitterGlu and a piece of Cut and Dry foam to apply the Glue to the Stamp.

For me, I prefer to add a reasonable amount of Glue to the stamp. Too little Glue, and your stamp is likely to stick to your card stock. Too much Glue, and it's going to "squidge" into the image, a bit like if you over ink!

I also prefer to stamp onto either Pearlised or Glossy Card Stock as opposed to Mat Card Stock. There seems to be less resistance to the Glue with a non porous card stock and therefore less likelihood that your stamp will get stuck to it!

Whilst the Glue is still wet, add your Gilding Flakes,

Pat them down using your Burnishing Tool, knocking off the majority of the excess Flakes.

Then press a little harder with the Burnisher to knock off the remaining Flakes that have not adhered to the Glue. I've done this to the top part of the image so that you can see the difference to the bottom part as the stamped images starts to show through..

It's a great effect once you have completed it!

Now all you've got to do is think of something to do with it!!...

Hope this helps Pat?!
Thanks for checking us out, see you soon.

Spellbinders Detailed Scallop Rectangles (S6-004), Spellbinders Poinsettia creations (S5-055), Marianne Creatables Lantern (LR0190)

Stamp: JustRite "Floral Flourishes" Background (JRCL04430)

Gilding Flakes, Variegated Red

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  1. Wow, the finished card looks fabulous.

    Toni xx