Tuesday, 21 May 2013

From Flakes to Wax....

Hi Folks... I appear to have developed a theme!!!

Last week it was all about Gilding Flakes, and this week I've moved onto Gilding Wax..

Whilst I was in town last week waiting for some new glasses, I popped into Wilkinson's to kill a bit of time!! You know they say "never go food shopping when you are hungry!?" as you'll end up buying loads of stuff that you don't really need!! Well, I want to add to that.. Don't go to Wilko's when you're looking for a bit of crafting inspo, cos you'll come out with several bags full of stuff that is just gagging to be altered!!
I picked up several of these inexpensive frames. I think this one was only £3.00!!

I gave it a whollop of Gilding Wax, I say whollop, in fact, you use very little. For this one I used Patina Blue which is from the Peacock set. But, to be honest, any individual colour of Gilding Wax would give a great effect.. Can't wait to give the Vintage Plum a go...

When playing around, I'm never quite sure in which direction I'm taking the project. So, for now, I've just added a Gilded Die Cut to the frame. When I get the right picture to go inside it then I'll swap it over for that!!

I also purchased a few White frames,

this one was coloured using the Verde Gris Wax, which is also from the Peacock set...

Finished off with some Hunkydory Die cut Decoupage and a Cheery Lynn sentiment, as again, I wasn't too sure where I was going with this!! Still, quite pleased with the initial results!! More play time looms me thinks...
Just a reminder to all those Pinnacle Crafts Club Members out there.. It's Club Members Weekend this weekend.. And as it's another Bank Holiday Weekend, it's another Pinnacles 4 day'er... The fun starts at 9am on Friday... We look forward to seeing you there.
Thanks for checking us out, see you soon.


  1. Great effect on the frames Andy.

    Toni xx

  2. I absolutely love what you did with the picture frames, and I am going to have to borrow the idea. I bought a few gilding wax's so just need the frames. They are totally transformed and certainly look a lot more expensive than the £3 you bought them for. Well done.