Saturday, 11 August 2012

Happy Birthday Reene...

Hi guys.. It's a very special "Pinnacles" friends Birthday today... Many of you who are able to visit us here at Barleylands will know her.. And I'm sure, wish her "many happy returns".. I love that saying! Whenever I hear it, it always reminds me of infant’s school, (and that was some years ago now!). Whenever it was someone’s Birthday they would be made to stand in front of the whole school in morning assembly and be sung Happy Birthday too, weather they liked it or not!! Ah the 70's, such innocent times!! Anyway, I digress... It was immensely difficult trying to come up with something for Reene. As, perhaps you know yourself, when you are trying to make a card for a fellow crafter, it can be a bit hit or miss!? But someone once said to me, "A crafter will not only know how the card was created, but also, and perhaps more importantly, why it was created. I.E the thought and love that is put into it!! So, here it is..
And the thought behind it?! Well, the colour I have chosen.. Platinum... Priceless!! A bit like Reene.. Or, as she has been newly nicknamed "Tic Tac"... I'll perhaps tell you the story behind that one day!! Have a great Reene xxxxx See you all soon. Andy.

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  1. Happy Birthday Reene!!!

    Andy, it is a beautiful card (very different style to last year's) - hope she has a wonderful day.

    Toni xx