Monday, 1 March 2010

Everyone loves a bargain!

Hi Everyone, Greetings from one very exhausted Pinnacle Crafter! We had a little bit of a clear out over the weekend by way of our Rummage Sale... And what a clear out it was.You accumulate so much over the years and it was time to get rid of some of the products which just needed to find new homes rather than just sitting in a box..As is the case with the Paper Crafting industry new products and designs are always coming out..So it was out with the old, and not so old and in with the new...
Looking back I can't believe it took soooo long to set up the room we were using here at Barleylands. Our workroom, where we usually have our shop events, was never going to be big enough and now seeing one, how many bargains we had to offer and two, how many of you all turned up, perhaps even the room we were using was not big enough, but we will learn from this one and make the next one even better..You see it just got busierand busierand busierand busierand busierand busierand busierand busierand busierThis is the point I had to stop taking pictures and jump on the till..
So, all in all it was a cracking, albeit exhausting weekend and you certainly cleared us out.These are the empty boxes we sent off to the recycling centre..
But all this could not have been acheived without the help, love, support and friendship of Lyn & Lin,Pauline & Irene.. Otherwise known as the "Simply Gorgeous" Pinnacles Girls Check out their aprons, cool eh!! So thank you ladies xxxPhew! so now we are all cleared away what's next..Oh yeah BLOG CANDY.. And the lucky winner drawn at random for March is..sandyhan7. Congratulations!! Please contact us to arrange collection or delivery of your prize..
That's it for now folks, I'm off for a well earned Pint..
Thanks for checking us out, see you soon.


  1. Wow! I would love to be able to go to a rummage sale like that!

    Congratulations on your blog candy win sandyhan7!!!

  2. Oh, I love a bargain. Wish I lived just a little closer (I'm in Kentucky). The sale would have been great but it would be nice to visit your shop also. I enjoy your projects.

  3. OMG! How I would've loved to be at that sale.

  4. Well, as one of the 'simply gorgeous' pinnacle girls all I can say ... is thanks for the fun. I think Pinnacle customers must be some of the very, very best, if not 'simply the best'! They were soooo....oooo patient when the queues got longer and longer, they were happy to share their ideas for their purchases with us and were generally an extremely happy bunch of crafters. Well who wouldn't be with the bargains that were on offer!

    So, for my part, thank you Pinnacle for letting me take part and a huge thank you to your lovely customers, especially the lady that held the queue up so that one of the 'simply gorgeous' girls could answer a call of nature, having held on for two hours due to the constant queue at her till!

    Ok, we've had two days to recover, when is the next one Andy?

    See you all soon. Renee xxxx

  5. Can I say as one of the customers who ventured over on both days (I do have a life...honest LOL) that I am sooooooooo pleased with my bargains - just got to find somewhere for them to live LOL

    You did us proud with some super prices and I'm sure I could have spent more if you hadn't also had a lot of new stock in the shop that I just had to have.

    As Irene says, you've had two days to recover - when's the next rummage............

    Toni :o)

  6. Meh, I wish I did not live at the other side of england! The sale just looked awesome :) I love things like that, and when its busy its just lovely to meet people with the same passion as yourself, and you get to share so much ideas!!

  7. Oh boy! That looks like the place I needed to be. I see Cuttle Bugs and a few dies, my kind of sale.