Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!

Hi Everyone, OK well we may not have the real thing! good thing too considering the chaos we had earlier this year when it did snow.. But today we bring you the next best thing!!
It's rare that any of our projects over lap, but today you have the combined efforts of both myself and Joanne in this project.. To be honest more Joanne than me...She had prepared this amazing Snowflake for her Parchment lesson on Saturday and I wanted to show it off to it's best.. If you remember back to her last piece of work, the background card I used to take to photograph really enhanced all the work Joanne had put into the lantern..
I'd been playing with a few pieces of card and eventually found the right piece and then let my Cricut machine work it's magic!!I cut out a Background image at 8" from the Storybook Cartridge (Frame Accent, Shift & #7).. I've used this cut before and love it.I then cut out a square, again at 8" and put the 2 pieces together.Now, Joanne had made her Snowflake in both White & Blue Parchment and simply laying them on top of each other and then onto the cut out card stock produced what I consider to be one amazing snowflake scene, it even makes me feel cold looking at it!! Here are a few close ups so you can see all of the detailed work that has gone into this project..

I know she loves doing her Parchment work and I hope you enjoy viewing them, or if it has inspired you to perhaps give it a go? Joanne holds lessons in this amazing technique.. So if you are planning on starting a new hobby in the New Year take a look at our lessons and see what we have got planned for you in 2010.
Thanks for checking us out

See you soon.


  1. wowww !! that is truely beautiful.What else can I say-stunning. well done.see you soon

  2. wow! this is beautiful!so much detail in the snowflake! and I must add ...great color combo!

  3. Wow, Andy, I know I've seen this project 'in the flesh', but I do have to congratulate you on your photography, and your clever use of the background, it's 'fab', absolutely stunning, plus Jo's fantastic intricate work,of course. If my effort looks half as good as that, I'd be bowled over........see you all Thursday......luv French Lin...xx..

  4. That is really beautiful! Where do get the paper or whatever it is under the swirls?

  5. I just wanted to comment on the snowflake card. BEAUTIFUL! I love this card so much. Great job.

  6. What a fantastic combination of the talents of both of you - well done Andy & Jo, super card.

    Toni :o)