Sunday, 28 June 2009

Gone missing...

Hey everyone,
Woke up this morning to... FOG!!! Am I mad but do you usually get fog in June??? Well I suppose yesterday was extremely humid and the fact our part of the world didn't get a chance to cool down over night may have had something to do with it!!! Well Mr Sun is out now and burnt all that fog away so hopefully another glorious day to be had...

I thought I would share one of my creations with you.. Now you should feel privileged, not because I'm boasting about my work but because I think no one else will ever see it again unless I recreate it.. the reason.. It's Gone Missing!!!
Recently we have had the privilege of having some of our work published in Creative Card Making Magazine.. I never knew how hard it was to get into print, but there are truly some fantastically talented card makers and scrapbookers out there. So I feel honored to be in print not just once but twice (Issue 2 & 4).. However the card submitted has failed to arrive back to us, good job I took a piccie before sending it... The magazine are looking into it, but I don't hold out much hope... So I hope you enjoy the card and maybe it will give you a little inspo...
The card is made on the Cricut using 50 States for the Birds, Homes Accents for the word and the bird house was from "Stretch Your Imagination", which I think is a great phrase to think about when using your Cricut.

Thanks for checking us out.


  1. Hi All, Welcome to blogland, I love the cards! Thanks for the great ideas, after my recent classes at Pinnacles my cricut is no longer gathering dust! Tracey

  2. I hope it turns up - lovely card.

    Toni :o)