Saturday, 27 June 2009

Art Deco

Art Deco seems all the rage at the moment. Go into any Clinton's and you are greeted by the most wonderful selection of Art Deco cards and images... Although Kanban produce some beautiful Art Deco toppers and cards they are just that.. Toppers.. I wanted to make something from scratch. Some of our Cricut owners asked if ProvoCraft were producing an Art Deco cartridge, now as much as I would love to have a direct line to the Head Honcho at PC and let him know exactly what I am my customers would like I'm afraid I don't.. (Although you can leave comments on So I trawled through all my cartridges and came up with these little beauties... To say I am proud of them is an understatement!!! Once they have served their purpose in the shop they are coming home with me to be framed and mounted on the wall.
I used My World Cartridge for the Car and 50 States for the Fan shape, it's actually part of the State flag of Arizona don't you know... yeah me either, but i assure you it is.. 50 States is not available in the UK at the moment purely because the distributors don't believe it is applicable to the UK market, but there are some fantastic Birds and Flowers on this cartridge as well as many other images and is a much underrated cartridge.

Hope you like the cards & thanks for checking us out.


  1. Hi
    I saw your cards on the cricut MB. Your work is wonderful. I will be following to see more of your fabulous creations!

  2. I love th3e card with the car. Especially the back & tan one. Super grear job on the wheels.