Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Christmas Finial (Bauble)....

Hi Folks...More Christmas inspo for today’s Creative Expressions Design Team project...
Back in the day when I was growing up (some would say I am still trying to grow up now!!) I remember our Christmas tree... It was White with little Red "stoppers" on the ends of each branch, which I can remember were to hide/protect you from the twisted wires (no 1970's health and safety here!) which made up the branches of the tree, and against the Whiteness of the Tree looked like Red berries.. I can also remember that we decorated it with everything under the sun.. No real colour coordination like you see now a days, just 1970's nuttiness!!!!

Anyhoo, one of the main things I remember were the baubles.. Or, as I now know they are called, Finial's!! and yes, we still have some of them (those which have not broken over the years) in the loft with the current tree.. Not that we use them anymore but you know you just keep these sort of things for sentimental reasons...
So, these finials are the inspiration for today’s project....

I've used one of Sue Wilson's new Configurations Dies to create my own Finial....

Now I know the card looks unusual in the fact that the sentiment is running down the side of the project, and yes I'm sure the recipient would think that you've made the card back to front as it could quite easily be turned landscape and everything would be upside down!, I guess if you see it on their mantelpiece that way you'll just have to correct them on it!!

So, if you'd like to have a little go at this nostalgic Christmas card here's a little step by step guide for you.

To start off with I cut the Sue Wilson Charming Lace Trim Configuration Die (CED6404) out twice with White Card... Getting rid of all the waste pieces from these two particular images!

I then created a "tacky" area on a piece of card

and stuck the two pieces down next to each other to form one solid image.

Next, I cut the Die using some Red card stock, fortunately both the positive and negative (waste) all stayed in the Die, which is an advantage for the next process which will be to back fill with the previously cut images.

For me, the easiest was to do this is to lay the Die over the image and basically poke the pieces back into place.

You may get all of the pieces back in one go or you may have to "manually" pop the last few back yourself...

Either way, it's worth it for the effect it gives!!

Once both sides are back filled

you can then cut the image out..

Obviously you now have a Red image to play around with,

and you can back fill these in the same way as before using the waste from the original White images (if you still have them) or, just cut some more....

So, we now have a Red and White Finial and a White and Red one...

I added mine to a DL card, to which I added my stamped sentiment and using the Berry Sparkle PVA Glue created the chain effect for the Finial...

And there you go!! A little 1970's Christmas nostalgia!!
Thanks for checking us out, see you soon.


  1. Morning Andy, oh you brought back so many memories of bygone Christmas's, nothing like they are today and yes still got many of the old baubles as well - you can't part with them can you. Now to your card, I think it is so lovely, it is the kind that you could make easily and send in the post as it would go as 2nd class, so I am going to have a play with this. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Stay safe, healthy and happy, hugs, June Smith xxx

  2. Beautiful cards Andy. The red/white colour combo looks super and I love the clean lines of this design.
    Toni xx

  3. Such a clean crisp looking card, love how you have created this beautiful card. Linda.