Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Looks can be deceptive!!...

Hi folks... A bit of a simple, but effective project for today’s Creative Expressions Design Team Post..
With one thing and another, in the voids of "Pinnacles Towers" I have mis placed this Month’s Stamps; I know they are here somewhere!! I bet I come across them when I have my end of year tidy up!!
So, just so I can fulfil my DT duties I've selected a couple of other Creative Expressions products to play with until I either locate them or next Month’s goodies arrive!

Now, I know this may look like I have just cut out two Dies and stuck them onto a Gate Fold Card?!, but there is so much more to it than that! So, read on "McDuff" and you'll find out!!
Like many crafters, I don't like to waste much.. And considering some of the waste form a Die Cut is almost as good as the positive image, it seems a shame sometimes to bin it.

So, this is the case with this Die, cuts out well, and yes it could be used on its own,

but popped back into its "negative" can make it appear as an "innie" Die, you know, one that doesn't have a cutting edge all the way round!

And can look very effective if you use an alternative colour..

Bet people will ask you how you coloured just the image and not the outside!!?

You could secure the Die Cut with a little Glue,

mine nestled quite nicely back into the original shape so I didn't bother.

Matt and Layered with some complimentary card stock has really brought them to life

and added that slight dimension I like on my projects..

See, told you there was a little bit more to it than just sticking two Dies on the front of the card!!
Thanks for checking us out.
See you soon.


  1. Lovely classy looking card.

  2. This looks wonderful Andy - such a clever effect.
    Toni xx

  3. I like it! How did you join the fronts onto the card base? Did you sandwich the base between the front layers? Anyway, love the effect.


    Jan from NSW (Aus)

    1. Hi Jan, the Gate Fold was made by joining two separate halves of a card at the back to give enough length of card to the score the panels to make the gate fold. I hope that helps?

  4. Wow I so like this card, could I have your permission to make it for myself please. Kind regards June Smith xxx

    1. Hi June, glad you like the card. And yes, please feel free to make your own version. x

  5. Hi Andy
    I Just So Love Your Stunning Creation I Love The Different Shaped Cards You Share With Us Than You So Very Much.
    Hugs From Sam x